YU YU HAKUSHO #19 -- Watch & Learn

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Hyper combo finish?
Hyper combo finish?

They made a human ladder for Yusuke to climb up to the tower with?

Awwwww… that’s team work at its absolute cutest.

And, what’s this? Yusuke tricks this big bad sorcerer into thinking he actually believes he can sap out the lightning attack with rubber shoes?

That’s just so precious of him. What a clever boy.

Don’t you just want to pinch this kid’s cheek until it turns as red as a carnation?

Now that Keiko has officially been identified as Yusuke’s girlfriend (no cooties!) and his #1 weakness, I’m wondering how much longer she’s going to be in the dark about what her boyfriend’s been up to in his assorted spells of free time. Now that the witch lady’s emphatically insisted that she and him aren’t fooling around, you’d figure this girl would start putting the pieces together now that demons have attacked her school for the second (or third?) time in so many weeks. Love is blind, but it’s not that blind, you know? Yusuke isn’t even bothering to put glasses on or part his hair in a different direction the way (like Superman does when he’s trying to keep things from Lois Lane.)

Spinning the pop culture associate into a totally different direction, I’m a little amused that Yusuke and his crew haven’t actually acquired any of the Saints’ abilities after beating them. Most of us have played MEGA MAN - - we know how that works. And seeing as how the spirit gun is several levels of XP away from being effective against Suzaku, I can’t help but think that the freeze attack from the last guy would a rather helpful counter to electricity.

There have been YU YU HAKUSHO video games, right? I’d feel… sad if there weren’t, ‘cause they obviously just design themselves.

Look up this episode, "Suzaku, Leader of the Beasts" and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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There have actually been several games, three of which came to the states (each of which I owned...)

One was a fighting game (PS2) which, while clunky, wasn't as bad as some anime fighters. One was an isometric action-rpgish thing (GBA). The last was a strategy RPG ala Final Fantasy Tactics (GBA) and was actually quite good.

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There were a number of fighting games for the SNES, 2 traditional fighters and 2 that were some weird rockpaperscissors cutscene-ish fighters (example). The latter 2 were kinda fun to play but a bit tricky to figure out since I don't know japanese.

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There have been a couple of YYH games released in the USA. I think there was three, of which I have two.

Even when I lived, breathed, and slept YYH, I never thought either of them was any good. I still own them though.

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I think the only YuYu hakusho games I've played were imports on the SNES; One was a standard 2D fighting game and the other was a not-so-standard active turn based fighting game. As weird as the latter sounds I actually enjoyed it a lot more than the traditional fighting game. I couldn't understand most of what was going on but it does an amazing job with the art assets of the source material. I was never really sold on the romantic subplot in this show. The good girl falling for a bad boy thing had been done to death in the 90s.

My favorite parts in a shounen is when the lead character actually struggles against the villain. I recall as a kid being disappointed by the villains of American cartoons. All the heroes were super powered and unstoppable. Dudes like Cobra Commander, Doc Terror, and Monstar just never stood a chance from the word go. They basically boil down to tales of bad guys struggling to beat the good guys. The only anime that lends itself to that kind of design is Fist of the North Star.

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I have Dark Tournament on the PS2 and the GBA action/adventure game, still havent played the turn based rpg. Good games overall, nothing spectacular. Been rewatching the series and enjoying every second of the ride again. Great stuff

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These Yu yu Hakusho stories are what made me actually want to come to this site.

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