Yu Yu Hakusho

Yu Yu Hakusho is a franchise comprised of 2 movies, 1 anime series, 1 manga series
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Yu Yu Hakusho follows the adventures of Yusuke Urameshi, a spirit detective, and his eclectic group of allies as they tackle various cases involving humans, demons, and their worlds.


Yu Yu Hakusho follows the story of Yusuke Urameshi, who dies in his attempt to rescue a young boy from being hit by incoming car by throwing himself. Evidently Yusuke's spirits pops out, wondering around to figure out what just had happened to, which was really confusing for him since he was looking at his dead body and still had no clue that he just died. Yusuke is soon greeted by Botan, female guide to the underworld.

Botan informs that Yusuke was not scheduled to die at the time, in fact the boy Yusuke had save was gonna be just fine even without his help. Botan then delivers message from Koenma, son of the underworld's ruler King Enma. Koenma offers Yusuke a chance to return his spirit to his cold dead body, if he were to complete series of task given by Koenma. Another condition is that after Yusuke gets resurrected, Yusuke must become a spirit detective. Yusuke completes various tasks and finally get his spirits returned to his body. As promised be becomes a spirits detective, a servant of underworld that solves mysterious involving spirits and demons.

Manga Series

Volume one Japanese cover 
Volume one Japanese cover 
Status : Completed, from December 1990 to July 1994 in 19 volumes.
The original series of the whole franchise, Yu Yu Hakusho was started by Yoshihiro Togashi. Yoshihiro Togashi did everything for the series, from drawing to coloring.
The manga was originally serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump, published by Shueisha. Later it was made into 19 volumes.
The American versions has been translated and published by Viz Media.

Anime Series

DVD Volume one American cover 
DVD Volume one American cover 
Status : Completed, from October 10, 1992 to January 7, 1995 in total of 112 episodes
Directed by : Akiyuki Arafusa
Written by : Noriyuki Abe
Produced by : Studio Pierrot
Licensed, translated, and released by Funimation Entertainment.

Video Game

Visit Giant Bomb's for list of Yu Yu Hakusho video games.
General Information Edit
Name: Yu Yu Hakusho
Name: 幽☆遊☆白書
Romaji: Yū Yū Hakusho
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