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Yu Yu Hakusho: Ghost Files is an anime series in the Yu Yu Hakusho franchise
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Yu Yu Hakusho Review Reviewed by Ashwyn on April 28, 2012. Ashwyn has written 1 review. His/her last review was for Yu Yu Hakusho: Ghost Files. 1 out of 1 users recommend his reviews. 1 out of 1 user found this review helpful.

Due to Anime mostly always having '' Story Arcs '' or '' Sagas '' I'm not going to try to say any spoilers or at least anything that's really gives what exactly happens in the Anime away, so here it is.

The Plot:

The main character Yusuke Urameshi is an every day street-brawling punk who has an oversized tough guy attitude to everything in his life; this is mainly because his mother Atsuko, a raging Alcoholic, gave birth to him at the tender age of 15 and took a backseat in raising him.

Yusuke is basically the type of kid who has a seat reserved for him in the principal's office.

However, taking everyone by surprise he shows a certain type of Heroism one day and saves a young boys life by pushing him out of the way from a speeding Car...

Yusuke then dies from the Cars impact himself and goes to the afterlife. Kind of Ironically Yusuke is informed by the Grim Reaper no less; that the young boy would have avoided the crash course with the car and had it not been for him the boy would have had one less scratch on his shoulder from where Yusuke pushed him out of the way.

After showing that people still care about him the Leader of the Spirit world, Koenma, a baby like man who has lived for hundreds of years revives Yusuke and is recruited into the Spirit world agency in which ( you guessed it ) he works as a spirit detective on earth investigating demon goings on.

Sooner or later Yusuke comes into spiritual powers of his own and enlists help of numerous friends along the way from human world, spirit world and even the Demon world.

What I have wrote there Is just a brief summary of what happens through out YuYu Hakusho as just like I said before I don't want to spoil anything incase you want to go and see it for yourself.

Ok but from now on there may be spoilers!!!

Now what I found out while watching the anime was that it very much resembles Bleach in a heck of a lot of ways, these include:

•1. Both Sort of lose there powers (Bleach: Ichigo loses the ability to use his Bankai)

•2. Both main protagonists seem to get stupidly powerful when their friends are in danger ( well that could really count for all main hero's of anime )

•3. Both main protagonists have some form of evil demon powers ( Ichigo with his Vizard powers)

•4. Both protagonists get whooped a lot the first fight with a bad guy, but then kick there ass the second time.

I hope my points been proved XD

Now what I did like about the story is the way they explained that a certain bad Demon '' Toguro '' which took an entire Saga to beat (Dark tournament) was only a middle class Demon and that there are Demons stronger and faster than him on the A, S class of Demon. I found this a good way to kind of explain that there will be bigger and harder fights to come for 2 reasons.

•1. After watching through the dark tournament Saga and seeing what Toguro could do first hand and beaten him, Yusuke is relieved and thinks it's over and that he must have been the strongest demon ever. Me as the audience also thought this after watching and was greatly surprised to find out that Toguro was only a B class and was weak compared to A and S class demons, so it makes you think like the main character and leads you in to a great shocker.

•2. Super strong bad guys don't just turn up without hardly an explanation and start killing everything,( DBZ ) of course if YuYu Hakusho was longer this proberly would have been a different story all together but the Plot was just long enough to stay smart for the most part.

Ok what I didn't like about the Plot...


Towards the ending of the anime it left a hugely bitter taste in my mouth because it just felt way to rushed after episode 105 or around there, plus it didn't stay smart like I was hoping it would around the end as Yusuke gets his ass whooped and then gets killed..

But oh wait, he suddenly has Demon blood in him and he's half bread!!!


Where is that come from?

So for the past 95 episodes Yusuke hasn't ever like suddenly felt this demon power like Naruto or even Kurama,who's in the same anime,but because he's dead the all of sudden has had this demon power since he was born?


When watching this particular Saga and watching the episode where Yusuke awakens his demon side confused the **** outta me because of that fact.

Main Charaters:

Yusuke - Yusuke is the toughest kid in Sarayashiki Junior High School and has a typical tough guy approach to everything. He becomes a spirit detective after he dies and is revived by Keiko's kiss. His main attack is Spirit Gun where he can manipulate his Spirit Energy and fire it into a projectile. He learns many techniques and abilities from Genkai. He mainly grows in strength from all of his different battles, because he responds to danger by unleashing his full strength.

Kuwabara - Kuwabara is the second toughest kid in the school, and resents Yusuke for it. Originally rivals, Yusuke and Kuwabara would start a grudging friendship that only strengthens throughout the series. Although human, Kuwabara has high Spirit Awareness shortly after accompanying Yusuke on missions, he is able to manifest a Spirit Sword.

Kurama - in his human form - Kurama is a demon with the ability to summon and control plants. He was originally the powerful and infamous thief, for demon Kurama or Yoko Kurama until he was wounded by a hunter. Managing to escape by inhabiting the body of an unborn human baby, he grew up as the human child Shuichi, and planned on abandoning his "family" once his demonic power returned at the age of ten, but grew to love his human mother. Kurama has a wide variety of techniques, because of his ability to control a wide variety of plants, including the often seen Rose Whip. In the Dark Tournament Saga, Kurama was given a potion to aid him in his transforming to his Yoko Kurama state, but in later episodes seemed to be able to transform at will, which is never explained that well.

Hiei - A Fire Demon who specializes in the Jagan ( third eye ) as well as swordsmanship, and can move at Super Human Speeds. His artificially created Jagan amplifies his power and enables him to summon the black fires of Demon World and channel it as an energy attack, often in the shape of a dragon. He's a bit of a hot head and often bickers with Kuwabara. Hiei is also a bit short.

Genkai - The aged Spiritual fighter who rigorously trains Yusuke in the Spirit Wave technique Though her manner is often gruff, she cares for Yusuke and the others, and constantly tries to help them grow stronger.

The characters of the anime are pretty much what you would expect from the plot of YuYu Hakusho.throughout the series they interact really well and none of the main characters feel out of place like several other anime and this is also a rare anime that not one character is extremely stronger than another as is proved nearer to the end of the series when Kurama, Hiei and Yusuke areCLA.SSED as to have STY.PE demon powers and of course Kuwabara is the strongest human alive and actually is only defeated in the anime by a demon called Rando and Yusuke himself as all the other defeates are all cheap and dirty moves.

Plus the relationship between Kurama and Hiei is more than just two demons that fight together as Hiei states while fighting the four saint Beasts but of great Friendship which is shown throughout the series, but as Hiei is the stubborn character of the anime (much like Vegeta in DBZ), he never truly admits it.


To say that the animation is sometimes bad is proberly the understatement of the century in my opinion as throughout the later stages of the Dark tournament Saga the facial expressions of a few of the characters don't look right..

E.G. in one particular episode Yusuke is telling Toguro that he is going to '' pay for what he has done '' but his eyes are closed, luckily this is only a very brief scene that goes past quickly and apart from that moment the Animation stays steady.

Another big thing that's wrong with the animation is something that is in every Anime series that I have watched to date and that is recycled anime.

Recycled anime gets on my nerves for the sheer fact that it's obvious that the staff of the series felt lazy and just used old clips, YuYu Hakusho is no exception to this curse and in on episode the same clip of Yusuke fighting hand to hand ( forgot who ) is used at least 3 times in quick succession.

Oh and lets not forget the great Old-School animation the series has just like Dragonball, here it works possibly a little bit better in some areas and worse in others but overall,im glad the animation was done back in the 90's.

English Dub:

The English Dub isn't half bad (I've seen a lot worse), of course it's not perfect because it seems with most anime there's always a Sub character that has a bad ass character model but then as a thick Scottish accent or something like that.

Again YuYu Hakusho has this with two of its sub characters, Jin; the Shinobi who Yusuke fights has an Irish accent and Chu another demon who Yusuke fights has an Australian accent, I mean Chu's accent fits the personality perfectly and I mean Jin suits his pretty well too, but it just feels disjointed in a Anime series.

Apart from that the English Dub is all you could expect with Yusuke having a great Hero type of voice and like I said in my First impressions blog, Chris Sabat as Kuwabara.

Overall, YuYu Hakusho stays true to the Heroism Anime and it works really well for the most part and although the ending quarter to the series may feel rushed and leave you with a confused brain, YuYu Hakusho is a hidden Gem because it has abit of everything mixed in as if you like Bleach, you'll like YuYu Hakusho, you like Naruto, You'll like YuYu Hakusho, you like DBZ, you'll more often than not find YuYu Hakusho worth checking out.

Plus although the end quarter wasn't as strong as the first three, in my opinion, when it ended it left me wanting more episodes.

Overall Score: 87%

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