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Yu Xuan is a anime/manga character
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A senior flame haze contracted to Di Hong, known as the best among Flame Hazes.

Yu Xuan is a Chinese Flame Haze bound to Crimson Lord, Di Hong. She's known as one of the best Flame Haze in the East. Her name is feared by Denizens, even Sydonay, who has known her for thousands of years, still have a difficulty fighting her without his spear.


  • Her surname, Yu ( Pinyin : Yú), maybe the reference to the historic woman in Chinese history named Yu Ji, or widely known as Yu the Beautiful. She is a concubine of Xiang Yu, the great militiary leader during the late Qin Dynasty. When believed that he is going to lost against Liu Bang (who later become the first emperor of the Han Dynasty), he indulged in alcohol and start singing Song of Gaixia. Yu Ji performed sword dance and sang a verse in return. She committed suicide by slitting her throat so Xiang Yu won't have a worry in the fight. Their romance is widely perform as Chinese Opera, novel or television series usually in the name: Farewell My Concubine.
  • Her given name, Xuan (軒 Pinyin : Xuān), may refers to Di Hong (or Yellow Emperor himself)'s given name, Xuanyuan (軒轅 Pinyin : Xuānyuán).
  • Her technique, Shashinkensei's Shashin (捨身) has many meanings; In Buddhism, it means to renouncing the flesh or cut off the world desires or to sacrifice one's body by burning or cutting limbs.; In Japan, 捨身(read as sutemi) is referring to risk one's life or give one's life.
  • Kun Wu is the name of the sword Yellow Emperor used to behead Chi You.

Character Evolution


She is a beautiful woman with formidable sword skills. She has black hair and brown eyes. She wears a suit with a matching jacket, red belt from cloth, and plum-colored sash which she uses to wear the straight sword-shaped Divine Vessel, Kun Wu.

Her flame color is plum.


  • She is an acquaintance of Sophie Sawallisch and Wilhelmina Carmel (supporting her during her visiting at Shanghai before Wilhelmina went to Misaki city).
  • She has battled Sydonay during a certain war in the far pas.t. She knows him not by the tittle of "Thousand Changes", but as "Chi You". They fought equally/ Then, they never have a chance to fight each other until present time.\

Powers and Abilities

Sword Mastery : Yu Xuan masters the sword and is shown to use it to kill few Denizens in seconds. With Shashinkensei, she is able to defeat most of the enemies with ease, except Sydonay.

Shashinkensei : Translated as "Sacrificial Sword Awakening", is the technique Yu Xuan uses. When she use it, her body disperses into plum-colored mist leaving only Kun Wu, her straight sword, visible. The sword becomes marvelously swung without the user's body. The mist burns the enemies who touch it and will enter the their wounds that Kun Wu made which will cause the burnt from inside and outside simultaneously. The secret techniques of this spell is to use horizontally spinning Kun Wu as the core covered by the mist, becoming a disk-like saw which slice through the enemies.


She's the Shanghai' outlaw's leader when Sydonay and Bal Masqué army make a surprise attack.

Yu Xuan went to fight one-to-one with Sydonay who now wields Shintetsu Nyoi. She uses her Unrestricted Spell, Shashinkensei to battle him. Sydonay, with the indestructible spear don't have any wound from her greatest attack. Unaware that he already spread his clones all around her, Sydonay corners her with his flame and finish her by breaking Kun Wu into pieces, thus killing her.

General Information Edit
Name: Yu Xuan
Name: 虞軒
Romanji: Yu Xuan
Gender: Female
1st manga book: Shakugan no Shana (Light Novel) #16
1st anime episode: Shakugan no Shana III #2
1st anime movie:
Aliases Bladed Flower Slaughterer
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Attractive Female
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Blast Power
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Fire Control
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