Yu Himura

Yu Himura is a anime/manga character in the ef - a fairy tale of the two. franchise
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A scholarship student. Later, becomes Chihiro Shindo's guardian.

Yu Himura is man who lived at the second Otowa in Australia. He is a Chihiro Shindou's guardian.


When he was child, his sister was die because of a big earthquake. After his sister's death, he was staying at the church and met Yuko, a little girl who was very similiar with his sister. Yuko always followed him and made him feel disappointed and upset. Someday, he refused Yuko's offer and made the little girl sad. He must lost Yuko after Yuko was being adopted by Amamiya. No one adopt him until he's become a young man.

High School Life

After lost his contact with Yuko, he becames a scholarship student. He had been friends with Shuichi Kuze and Nagi Hirono. Someday, he met with Yuko again. At first, he forgot about Yuko and feel disappointed with her appearance but, later he fell in love with Yuko and confessed his feeling. Yuko's truth made her faltered but accepted Yuko's condition. He was run away from Otowa with Yuko for save the girl's life. After, Yuko's brother die, he lived with Yuko.

Adult Life

Yu became an architect who designed the fake Otowa in Australia. He becomes a Chihiro Shindou's guardian and stayed at Australia. His bitter memories about Yuko always in his memories. Before Christmas, he heard from Nagi that Yuko was in the real Otowa in Japan and immediately flew away to Japan. Then, he met Yuko and gave her a bouquet of flowers that he never gave to Yuko. After the two reunited, they went to the school roof. Yuko said that she just fulfilled her last dream to meet Yu. After that, Yuko disappeared and left Yu alone.


  • Yu is good of drawing landscape but, bad at drawing potrait.
  • In ef - a fairy tale of the two, both Yu and Yuko are a non-playable characters and often come suddenly to give some advice to the four main characters.
  • Before Yuko's death, he met a little girl named Miki (Mizuki Hayama). Ten years passed and he met again with Miki, who becomes a young girl in Australia.
Voiced by
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Koichi Tochika
David Matranga
Rank Game #157 in Power Rank
General Information Edit
Name: Yu Himura
Name: 火村 夕
Romanji: Himura Yū
Gender: Male
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: ef - a tale of memories #1
1st anime movie:
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