Yu-Gi-Oh! Characters

Yu-Gi-Oh! is an anime series in the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise
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Anzu Mazaki

The childhood friend of Yugi who gives friendship speeches to the group.

Blue Eyes White Dragon

A powerful Dragon in the duel monsters game, that is Seto Kaiba's signature monster.

Hiroto Honda

Friend of Joey Wheeler(Katsuya Jonouch)and Yugi Mutou.

Katsuya Jonouchi

A novice duelist whom happens to be Yugi Motou's best friend. Known to use many cards that rely solely on chance and may backfire.

Miho Nosaka

A Classmate and friend of Anzu Mazaki. Hiroto Honda is madly in love with her.

Mokuba Kaiba

The little brother of the millionare, Seto Kaiba. Is often taken as a hostage by antagonists.

Ryou Bakura

Seto Kaiba

The owner of Kaiba Corp and Yugi's rival.


The guardian of the tomb where the Millennium items were hidden. Was killed by Yami Bakura 5000 years ago.

Yami Yugi

Yami Yugi is originally depicted as Yugi Mutou's darker alter ego but eventually he became a character in his own right and was revealed to be an Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh whose soul was housed in the Millenium Puzzle Yugi had assembled.

Yugi Mutou

Yugi Mutou was the first to solve the Millennium Puzzle and unlock the secrets within. When fused with the spirit of the puzzle, Yami, they are the world's greats Duel Mosters player.

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