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This is for the yugi players, mostly..

Your first card: Dang! I think it came in the Pegasus deck or Joy.. I'm not sure.. it was a clown that if  you switch to defense position you can destroy a monster.. or something like that.. Don't remember the name though...

Your first High level monster: Dark Magician, Its all beat up but I still have it :DDD

your first deck: It was a bunch of cards my friends just gave me to learn how to play and eventually just let me keep it.... then I bought Pegasus' deck :)

Your current deck: Magician beat down baby! I keep updating it and is really fast playing. IF you know how to use it :)

your favorite cards: Dark Magician of Chaos, Injection fairy lily and all that has to do with magicians.. even if the deck has gone through many changes..

favorite combination: My deck is all about bringing the most magicians in the field and never having a clear field. D. Magician. Sage stone, dark magician girl are part of my strategy and others. Also I use a lot of counters It helps a lot I get a army to the field in no time.

most memorable victory: I had a three victories in a row in a tournament long time ago.. until they use the damn bird on me... Yata (It was legal back then).. good thing it was banned.

Tournament?: Yea I been to a few one of them, I was in the international, blah, blah, blah, YU GI OH tournament in PR.

Cards you hate:  I hate the crystal beast! because I don't have them and the deck is really expencive  :P

Banned cards you wish was brought back:
  Black luster soldier evoy of the biggining... I mean right now there are cards that are worse than him, why don't they just bring him..

Do you shout and show off in middle of duels?: I know I do, Is so much fun acting like the game is all serious and all, NO! I only have 100 life point left! AAAAAAAAAAH!" and stuff like that XD

DAMN I look good XD
DAMN I look good XD

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Red eyes black dragon
Duh LOL Look above
The very first Yu-Gi-Oh deck
I no longer collect.
Black Luster soldier

After that, its been that long since ive played, so cant answer any of the questions LOL

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Your first card: Panther Warrior

Your first High level monster: Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the end (Japanese)

your first deck:  Yugi evolution deck

Your current deck: Total Destruction (A Defend fast Hit hard deck, strongest monster = blue eyes Ultimate)

your favorite cards: Dark Blade is my fav!!!! :DDDD and Kiryu, Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon,

favorite combination:
Dark Blade + Kiryu + the Union equipment = Total win and i got 3 of each :D

most memorable victory: dont remember

Tournament?: never went to one but a friend of mine was 3rd in the Dutch championships and he lost twice to me ^^

Cards you hate:  Cyber Jar is a pain in the butt in unofficial duels xP

Banned cards you wish was brought back:

Do you shout and show off in middle of duels?:
No only when i win i even have a victory dance XD

+ Polymerezation
+ Polymerezation
+ Blue Eyes White Dragon
+ Blue Eyes White Dragon

= Blue Eyes White Devilly
Post by Morita_Shunsuke (1,029 posts) See mini bio Level 9
LOL nice, and nice effect of the fusion card XD
Post by Devilly (5,329 posts) See mini bio Level 11
Thanx XD still i`m redoing that fusion card it has that typo at the types and the crappy typical effect :P
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