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... Dear lord... This is messed up! I thought this were suppose to be about card games for children!
... Dear lord... This is messed up! I thought this were suppose to be about card games for children!

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I probably run out of time for this week with exams. You know me. I update everything later on.

Check out Quick Picks: September 2013 (First Week).

Anime Series

ImageTitle (Format)CompanySRPAmazon.comRightStuf.comRelease Date
Bleach - Season 18 Uncut Box Set ( DVD)Viz Media$44.829/10/13
Blue Exorcist - Box Set 2 [Limited Edition] - (BD)Aniplex$174.9809/10/13
Blue Exorcist - Complete 2nd Season (DVD)Aniplex$79.9809/10/13
Digimon Frontier - The Official Fourth Season (DVD)New Video Group$79.9509/10/13
Digimon: Digital Monsters - The Official Second Season (DVD)New Video Group$19.9509/10/13
Patlabor: The Mobile Police - The Mobile Police - The TV Series - Collection 2 (Blu-Ray and DVD)Maiden AmericaBD: $69.98
DVD: $59.98
Pokemon: Black and White : Rival Destinies - Set 1 (DVD)Viz Media$19.9909/10/13
This Boy Caught a Merman (DVD and Blu-Ray)SentaiBD: $24.98
DVD: $14.98
Yugioh! - Season 1 Volume 1 (DVD)New Video Group$24.9509/10/13
Yugioh! - Season 1 Volume 2 (DVD)New Video Group$24.9509/10/13
Yugioh! - The Official First Season (DVD)New Video Group$44.9509/10/13

Manga Volumes

ImageName & VolumePublisherSRPAmazon.comRightStuf.comRelease Date
Attack on Titan Vol. 6Kodansha Comics$10.99$8.58$8.2409/17/13
Blood Blockade Battlefront Vol. 4Dark Horse Comics$12.99$9.98$9.7409/17/13
Bokurano: Ours Vol. 9Viz Media$12.99$10.00$9.7409/17/13
Genshiken Second Season Vol. 3Viz Media$14.99$11.79$11.2409/03/13
Demon Love Spell Vol. 4Viz Media$9.99$8.48$7.4909/03/13
Midnight Secretary Vol. 1Viz Media$9.99$8.48$7.4909/03/13
My Boyfriend is a Vampire Vol. 9-10Seven Seas Entertainment$17.99$13.28$13.4909/03/13
Naruto [3-in-1] Edition Vol. 6Viz Media$14.99$11.48$11.2409/03/13
One Piece Vol. 68Viz Media$9.99$8.48$7.4909/03/13
Pokemon Adventures - Ruby & Sapphire Vol. 18Viz Media$9.99$8.48$7.4909/03/13
Psyren Vol. 12Viz Media$9.99$8.48$7.4909/03/13
Rurouni Kenshin: Restoration Vol. 2Viz Media$9.99$8.99$7.4909/03/13
Strobe Edge Vol. 6Viz Media$9.99$4.99$7.4909/03/13
Young Miss Holmes Vol. 5-7Seven Seas Entertainment$19.99$12.55$14.9909/03/13
Zero's Familiar [Omnibus] Vol. 4-5Seven Seas Entertainment$18.99$11.61$7.4909/03/13
Neon Genesis Evangelion: The Shinji Ikari Detective Diary Vol. 1Dark Horse$9.99$8.99$7.4909/04/13
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Today’s returning guest is our good friend Angel and on this episode we are going to have a casual observational discussion on the longest and oldest running anime trends in Japan

For some of you this may sound like an episode where we tread the same old waters and discuss the most obvious of franchises….however you may be surprised to find there are more than a few shows that have never even passed Japanese borders and are more of a domestic hit than a more aware international one.

So with the help of Wikipedia and some sorting arrangements we take a somewhat brief look at the following lists……..take a look yourself folks it’s actually somewhat Intriguing

*Apologies for shaky audio quality at various points btw, technical difficulties were rampant for some reason!*


LIST OF LONGEST RUNNING MANGA TITLES (We didn’t get around to this sadly)



Familiar Titles Discussed:-

Chi's Sweet Home, Sgt Frog, Crayon Shin-chan, Zatch Bell, Kirby: RBAY, One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Ranma ½, Fairy Tail, DBZ, Yu Yu Hakusho, Toriko, Case Closed - Detective Conan

Unfamiliar Titles Discussed - which are actually the longest trending Anime Series

1. Sazae-san - 6197+ Episodes

2. Nintama Rantarō (Ninja Boy Rantaro) 1773+ Episodes

3. Ojarumaru (Prince Mackaroo) 1388+ Episodes

4. Soreike! Anpanman 1170+ Episodes

5. Chibi Maruko-chan 918+ Episodes

Before we end the podcast we do actually touch on the fact that in the western world having cartoon series trend for a long amount of time / episodes is not the norm. It seems like a much more character / franchise reboot model depending on how ratings go for an active series. Low ratings = show cancellation which usually sprouts room for a new “similar” project or a re-imagined series which may be more successful ala switching Young Justice for Teen Titans Go! / Beware the Batman.


It’s actually funny a detailed talk on Pokemon isn’t here.....however we actually did have a discussion on that BEAST franchise…sadly it was before we started recording so we forgot to bring it up again but of course the details are....

Pokemon has been running for 17 straight seasons totalling in a whopping 800+ episodes excluding movies, side stories, OVA’s etc actually making it the third longest running anime TV series that runs for over 20 mins an episode….and I would not be surprised at all if this eventually becomes the longest running anime series of all time in future

But yeah sorry Pokemon we do clearly recognize your MEGA status….forgive us! :oP

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Heya! The name's John. I'm not much of an anime junkie, but there are a few I like.

I'm not one of those anime enthusiasts who cosplay as fat versions of their favorite characters and learned Japanese and shout out to everyone that watching anime in its original language is the only way to watch it and will eye-roll at anyone who thinks otherwise. In short, I watch anime the way I want to.

That's about all for now. Not sure how often I'll be on the site, but if you want to hear more from me lemme know.


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For those of you that have the priviledge of not knowing what Deus Ex Machina means, its literal translation from Latin is "God of the Machine" or in plain old English "Are you ****ing kidding me?" The whole purpose of Deus Ex Machina is when the mangaka of a series throws their hands up in the air and comes up with something so out of left field in order to wrap up a story or a conflict in the show that a person's groan can be heard in space. Now it can be debated why a mangaka does this in the first place whether they made a too convoluted plot that the characters can't get out of or they accidentally made the villian in a story arc too over powered. The end result will be the hero or heroine pulling a miracle out of their ass.   

Now you may be asking yourself "Wales, you've kicked a lot of whole sale ass for a lot less. Why bother discussing Deus Ex Machina? It's been a common plot device in literature, films, and any form of entertainment for centuries. Why now?" The answer is a simple one. I recently became a fan of Fairy Tail from the insistance of my friend here obscurefan. However, after reading some of it, he pointed out moments of Deus Ex Machina and I couldn't help but to acknowledge that Hiro Mashima did not know what he was doing while writing it. Or maybe he did and he fell in to one of the two categories I mentioned in the previous paragraph. After our conversation, I did some reflection and recalled many different anime and manga instances where victory was pulled out of thin air.   

I honestly don't want to waste your time and mine with the hundreds of examples where the heroes can pull off a flawless victory despite not having any magic/energy/chakra/whatever fuels the protagonists. Instead, I would prefer to list ideas that can be seen where Deus Ex Machina takes place even then it would take too much effort and cause my headache to split into the San Andreas Fault Line. I know it's kind of lazy to do this right now but I would rather you all, the anime community, be aware of series that fall victim to this lazy form of writing. Its sad since most Shonen manga fall culprit to the machine.
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I really, really, really went lazy with this one. As I don't have a schedule or something that forces me to blog on time. I tend led a few slide.
So yeah these are a few things I got but did not blog about or have and just forgotten that I did lol.
First of the Red Thunderzord, I went to a 2nd hand shop in The Hague and the guy running the place had two of these headless zords for €3.00 each. But seeing how I only got 1 extra head I only bough one of them which was the one the looked the best. And now I got two Red Thunderzord's one is used for my ThunderMegazord combo and the others is on display with my smaller merchandise and collecting dust lol
The second is this cool cheap thing, I got this the along with the cheap motorcycle Transformers and I only costed me €1. Its a really cute eyeless knock-off of the Red Comet's Zaku custom! I keep it in the box because it somehow looks cooler. Also the only thing this does is make a crap ton of noise and spinning around. Its fun for a child or dog but for me its better this way ^^


Yeah I should have made a blog but chose the lazy way instead. Besides I didn't get the majority of my gifts back then so I would not blog about those anyway :P
My sister and her boyfriend went to London a few day before Christmas and tried to get fun gifts for us all. I asked her if she could find a Sonic screwdriver for me, and she could not find one. She then asked for what's left trying to get a Dalek for me but all she could find was a Prisoner Zero figure and a Weeping Angel. She went with this one and I'm glad because those things creep me out big time! lol Its a fun figure but I'm a bit sad that they did not add a suction cap of sorts to this figure. It would have been cool to hang this up some where :) This is actually considered a gift from both of them and I also got candy and Chocolate in a cute sock. This included Jelly Beans which went bad on the trip over xD And also €10 ^^ 
From my other sister got me a PS2 Dragonball game. I only played it once since I don't really have a tv for gaming so I need to unplug everything once I'm done.
Its better then Bodakai 1 that's for sure :)
My aunt and grandparents got me money too some of which I used to buy this tin and a pack. More of that later lol.
Her boyfriend Silvian got me the Legendary collection even though I wanted to buy it from the money my aunt gave and grandparents gave me.
My dad gave me the first two of these tins which I use for the non- Pokémon / Yu-Gi-Oh cards I still got left in my room. The last one is from my mom who also gave me the current Rosario + Vampire 2 volume and Shonen Jump. :) 
Aside from all these gifts I consider the fansubs releases a presents too. I already thanked those people xD


I had the god cards before but those where on loan and I had to arguably return them to their original owner. Those where the way more expensive Gameboy promo's. I still wanted to get a set for myself and suddenly I saw the Legendary collection which had its own versions. So I ordered it and suddenly my Aunt's boyfriend pays it for me in advance. I got the maps some 3 weeks later during which I got the current Shonen Jump. Which if you haven't guessed yet has another version of the Winged Dragon Of Ra. So now I got 4 GOD CARDS!! x3
I promised myself that I would not open the packs in the Legendary collection but I did any way and it had some awesome cards hidden lol. Anyway I'll only show the rarer cards. First of is the big three aside from the god cards the Blue eyes, The Red Eyes and the Dark Magician! Nothing really special about those IMO The only one I don't have six cards of is the Red Eyes Black Dragon. Next up is a bunch of rare cards from the tin including Majestic Star Dragon. Next up is the a bunch of foil cards I took a photo of without good reason. And there you can see my biggest catch of the Legendary Collection MOTHAFR#GGING JINZO!! HELL YES!!! I'm pretty lucky considering its the secret rare of that particular booster set!! x3. Next are the God Cards again and a close up of my Jinzo :D. After that is the rare collection I got from the Legendary collection. Also I should note that the boosters had two cards I frequently use in decks of the video game versions of Yu-Gi-Oh which instantly became my favourite after opening the boosters! Which are the Dark Elf and one that I did not took a photo of Jirai Gumo which I know are actually bad for my deck but had real good benefits for me in those games lol Anyway instead of throwing away the booster Is carefully opened the boosters and filled them up again with the same cards and a few extra. They look like they've never been opened. :)
Pokémon Cards
These are the special cards of the tins 3 shiny dogs and 3 non shiny promo dogs. All three are cool to look at, and I'm probably going to frame them ^_^
I could not have a better set of foils this time.... SHINY GYARADOS!!! :D and also a cool Leafeon ^^. Bellossom is still one of my favourite grass types :3
Lots of reverse foils indeed :) I think my favourite one in this one is Eevee. But that doesn't change the fact that I got ANOTHER SHINY :D And even a regular version xD Moomoo milk is cool too ^^ Really though Its like I'm just as lucky with shiny Pokémon as I did in the original games xD. Speaking of which.

Game Update

And Yeah I forgot to update..... sorry :P
I could use a K.O Pokémon Green but its hard to find :-\. I've also set my eyes on the macabre Pokémon Ghost Black. If I see the card I will instantly buy it! Otherwise its pretty complete. To bad Red died on me... RIP Mew T_T

Also complete even though Silver is dead too.... I refuse to switch those battery's! Dead is dead no zombie games for me thank you >_>
Lucky me that I saved most of Gold's screen photo's on a blog :) Any way yes its complete!! :D

Other titles
Well I still haven't found my damn card game and I'm considering buying a new one!! Anyway two new games here. Pokémon Jade and Pokémon Puzzle.
I guess I would still want to search for the other version ( Pokémon Diamond) or wait a few months and ask a certain friend If I could buy it from him.
Any way I'm enjoying these games. But I have yet to figure out how to save the damn Jade lol
 Getting there...
 Getting there...


And lastly something I dreamed yesterday....

A Horrible Dream About The Future

So I went to sleep and I had this weird dream. I was in my Grandparents backyard playing a Pokémon game on a console of sorts. But it was not on the 3DS. No this was on a rounded type of DS. It looked like the blue love child of the PSP and the DSi. Still It was kinda cool. Anyway back to the game, I felt like I had it for a few months and that Black & White was waaaaaaay in the past. Like I'm playing a 7nth generation game..... Let that sink in to you for a moment..... This new generation sucks and 2 generations later..... Yes now you know how I felt when I woke up! Anyway all I remember of the game itself was that I was in Kanto near the Power Plant catching a Pokémon and the Pokémon in question was according to memories of what I got in the dream the evolution of Lickilicky.... I'm also letting that sink in to you for a moment... Piece of unnecessary crap gets another evolution on top of it.... Feels horrible don't it? Well to my memory it looked even worse lol. It had this egg-like form and its whole lower body looked like it was its tongue. So in fact its was a mouth on legs lol. Damn that's horrible!!! Any way I do remember that it felt like I was hunting for Shiny's or something like that :)
 Lets just be happy that they hate each other lol
 Lets just be happy that they hate each other lol
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Just a little something I got curious about with the recent theatrical release of Ponyo. After checking Box Office Mojo, I made this video featuring the top 10 highest grossing anime movies in America. Considering the licensing muscle and promotion that these movies had, you shouldn't be too surprised over the totals. Here's the video:
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I recently did a video for Youtube that features 10 anime titles I think are receiving more hype and praise that they truly deserve. I mix around serious commentary and humor when offering my take on overrated titles. Because the video was over 10 minutes, I winded up having to divide the video into two parts. Numbers 10 to 6 for my list are discussed in Part 1 of the video while numbers 5 to 1 are discussed in the video's second part. Check them out:

Part I

Part II

Pokemon Black and White Looks Delicious in Motion

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Avdol is powerless to trademark infringement...!

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