Konami: 1, Upper Deck: 0

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Whoa, so this is a lawsuit?
Whoa, so this is a lawsuit?
Konami has won an injunction against Upper Deck in the ongoing court battle between the two companies over Yu-Gi-Oh. If you haven't been following, Konami first announced that it was removing Upper Deck from its role as distributor of the card game, and Upper Deck responded by continuing to do what it felt was its job. Eventually Upper Deck subsided its releases, and Konami then sued Upper Deck over alleged releases of counterfeit Yu-Gi-Oh cards, which Upper Deck denied.

This injunction means that Upper Deck can no longer present itself as a legitimate rights-holder or distributor of the card game, and that they have to stop selling previously-released cards as well as stopping upcoming releases. UD is trying to take the high road, issuing a statement that “we do not feel that this course of action is in the best interest of the players.”

Ahh, lawsuits...

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Lol, Yugioh.
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Well it's going down hill anyway.
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As long as it doesn't effect VS, then I could care less. I wonder who will pick up the license though (assuming that somebody is gonna want it,) Wizards maybe?
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