Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Characters

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's is an anime series in the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise
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Aki Izayoi

A cold and ruthless girl with the power to bring the monsters and magic of Duel Monsters to life, an ability only used through anguish and sadness. Because of this, she chooses to distance herself from people, believing her power to be caused by the Dragon birthmark she possesses.


Friend of Yusei who also lives in the satellites.

Bolt Tanner

A former pro duelist who dueled Jack Atlas. He became friends with Yusei and helps him on his adventures.


Bruno is a genius mechanic and proud member of Team 5D's. In reality, he has traveled back in time to help Yusei Fudo save the world.

Carly Nagisa

She is an unsuccessful and clumsy reporter. She also has a crush on Jack Atlas. She was at a time turned into a dark signer when she was blown off a building during her fight with the head of the Arcadia Movement.

Crow Hogan

A childhood friend of Yusei and Jack. Crow later became the fifth signer

Hunter Pace

Hunter is another victim of Jack's wrath. He joins the Fortune cup to have a rematch against him. He has defeated many mockeries of the original Yugioh franchise.

Jack Atlas

One of the main characters from the Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's series. He is a friend/rival of Yusei. He also wields the Duel Monster Card Red Archfiend Dragon. He is one of the Signers.

Kohei Aoyama

"Blue Mountain" or "I am" He first appears at the Facility. After Yusei Fudo is transferred to the same room as him, he tells Yusei that he has been planning to escape and invites Yusei to come with him, but Yusei says he wants to escape with Tanner and Yanagi. In the Duel between Yusei and Mr. Armstrong, Alex fixed the system that Armstrong had rigged to prevent himself from getting shocked.

Kyosuke Kiryuu

He was the leader of Team Satisfaction, but was caught by Security. Blaming Yusei for that, Kiryuu died and became a Dark Signer to take revenge.


A goon who says shi-shi-shi a lot He makes the same noise only slower when he is worried.


The twin brother of Luca.


The twin sister of Lua. Luca is also a signer and wields the Duel Monster Card Ancient Fairy Dragon.


One of Uryu's goons

Mikage Sagiri

Also known as Mina Simington. Rex Goodwin's secretary, who watched over Jack Atlas and started to develop feelings for him. Although Trudge also has feelings for her as well.

Misty Lola

A fashion model that believed Aki Izayoi killed her brother. After almost dieing in a car accident she was revived by the Earthbound Immortal Ccarayhua. After that day she became a Dark Signer vowing to get revenge for her brother.


Sherry Leblanc caretaker. He is has taken care of Sherry since the day her parents were murdered.

Mr Armstrong

The chief of the facility Yusei ends up at.


A freind of Yusei who lives in the satellites


Paradox is the main antagonist in Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie - Fusion Ultra! Bond Over Time and Space. He travels back in time to eliminate Pegasus and prevent Duel Monsters from ever being created.

Rally Dawson

He is marked as a thief by security which allows him to be tracked. Due to her dress wear and appearance he has been mistaken as a female. Rally is friends with Yusei and lives in the satellite.

Rex Goodwin

The main antagonist in the dark signer arc

Sherry Leblanc

A turbo duelist from France who tries to get Yusei to join her team.


A friend of Yusei who lives in the satellites and is at a secret hangout with Yusei a lot. .

Tetsu Trudge

A security guard who was once Yusei's enemy. He also has a crush on Miss. Mina Simington.


Also known as Lenny. He is a man from the satellites who bullied Tank, Blitz, and Nervin. He is the leader of a gang and is the one to duel Yusei.

Yanagi Tenzen

A old man who befriends Yusei at the Facility. He tells him about the legend of the crimson dragon. He uses a deck he calls his treasure deck. He was beaten by Tanner.

Yusei Fudou

The main protagonist of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's and team leader of Team 5D's. He used his signature monsters to help him win during his duels including Shooting Star Dragon, Stardust Dragon, and Shooting Quasar Dragon.


Z-one is the main antagonist of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's. He is a scientist from the future who plans to erase Neo Domino City from existence in order to prevent the whole world from being destroyed back in his own time.

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