Yozakura Quartet: Hoshi no Umi Characters

Yozakura Quartet: Hoshi no Umi is an anime series in the Yozakura Quartet franchise
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Akina Hiizumi

The main protagonist of Yozakura Quartet.

Ao Nanami

The youngest member of the Hiizumi Life Counseling Office who is also the announcer of the town.

Enjin Hiizumi

Primary antagonist of Yozakura Quartet. He's a Youkai who plots to merge the human and demon world with catastrophic results.

Hime Yarizakura

A sixteen year old high school girl with supernatural powers who is the mayor of Sakurashin.

Jinroku Yotsuya

The owner of the antiques shop in Sakurashin.

Kiku Yotsuya

The old lady who wroks at Antiques shop she has also taken care of Hime and her friends since they were little.

Kotoha Isone

Kotoha is a Hanyou (half youkai and half human) who can summon things when she emphasizes words. She can conjure up weapons or objects by saying one word.

Kyosuke Kishi

The assistant to Hime Yarizakura who is an oni. He has a little sister who also works at the Hiizumi Life Counseling office.


The District Mayor's assistant who is a immortal human.

Rin Azuma

A fifteen year old Jiang Shi who lives in Sakurashin working at a restaurant delivering ramen.

Toka Kishi

Kyōsuke's sixteen year old little sister who is an employee of Hiizumi Life Counseling.

V Juri F

A nurse who runs a clinic in Sakurashin and also has her own TV show called the Juri Channel.

Yae Shinatsuhiko

The land goddess of Sakurashin who is usually shown dressed as a nun. Yae is Yuhi's younger sister and was created by him hundreds of years ago.

Yuhi Shinatsuhiko

The District Mayor of Sakurashin who has been watching over it for 200 years. he also created his sister Yae Shinatsuhiko.

Zakuro Kurumaki

Zakuro is a necromancer and Rin's first friend. She is capable of controlling anything that was once living, but is now dead, along with other yokai.

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