You're Not A Bad Specimen of A Man

You're Not A Bad Specimen of A Man is an anime episode of Beelzebub that was released on 05/08/2011

Touhoushinki Arc

You're Not A Bad Specimen of A Man - "Nakanaka Otoko Janaidesu ka" (なかなか男じゃないですか)

Furuichi's summer vacation at a luxury resort is ruined when he is brought back by Alaindelon to accompany Oga and Beel to the local public pool, though Oga later becomes shocked after learning that he could have come to the resort instead. Whilst chatting with the Red Tails, Furuichi encounters his old school bullies from middle school when they began to hit on the girls. After standing up to the leader, Takashima, he makes a dash to the swimming pool where he hides underwater. However, Takashima orders his henchmen to go after him and tricks the lifeguard in evacuating the pool, leaving Furuichi and a stunned Oga. Surrounded, Furuichi forces Beel to cry, shocking all the delinquents before facing Oga's kick to the face. 

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Opening Theme 

"The First Goodbye" by On/Off

Plot Summary

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Ending Theme 

"Show of Courage" by Shoko Nakagawa

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