You're my darling!

You're my darling! is an anime episode of Level E that was released on 02/28/2011


Mikihiko is traveling to a ski resort with girlfriend in hopes of spending time with her. Meanwhile, not too far away, Kraft is set to receive Princess Saki of the Macbac race. He is a bit nervous about this meeting, as it is noted that the Macbac are a race of female insect-like people who have one queen that chooses a mate from another race to continue their bloodline. After conceiving a child together, the queen stays with her mate until he dies. While the Macbac people need this to survive, the race they choose ends up going extinct in three generations.
Kraft is afraid now that Saki has chosen to mate with an Earthling as her conquest, and tries to find a way to send her back home without getting her angry. Upon arriving at a hotel, Kraft continues trying to warn Saki away as Mikihiko tries to get busy with his girlfriend. Unfortunately, she doesn't want to go that far, and breaks up with him. Just a minute later, Miki catches sight of Saki, and the two of them instantly fall in love with each other.
Kraft again does his best to break up the relationship before humanity is doomed, but Saki's servants go around him and help the two lovers escape. After a snowmobile chase scene Kraft receives some shocking information that he reveals just as Saki and Miki are about to kiss each other: Miki's first name is Kyoko, marking her as a girl.

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Yoshihiro Togashi Original Concept Yoshihiro Togashi is a mangaka who is known for Yu Yu Hakusho and Hunter x Hunter. He is married to Naoko Takeuchi, the mangaka of Sailor Moon
Toshiyuki Kato Director


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