Your Song

Your Song is an anime episode of Toradora that was released on 10/15/2008
Ryuuji walks to school with Taiga, nagging her about laundry. In the middle of their conversation, they overhear Minorin leading a chant, and find her leading the school's softball team. As she hits a home run, Ryuuji finds himself crushing over her. Taiga notices and pokes his eyes with her fingers.

Inside the classroom, Ryuuji sees that Minorin is working on decorating her classmates cell phones. Though he refuses to get his own customized, he can't stop thinking about her even as he cooks dinner for Taiga while his mother is out working. Taiga gets sick of hearing him praise Minorin, and kicks him in the stomach. She demands food, but Ryuuji discovers that the rice cooker is broken, so they go out to eat at the restaurant Jonny's. As they sit down to eat, they discover that Minorin is working as a waitress there too. Taiga notes that she's holding down a lot of jobs, including one at the convenience store and another one at a karaoke place. Minorin also mentions a "steamboat store" and her duties as the manager of the girls' softball team at school, yet somehow has free time after all of this. Ryuuji starts crushing on Minorin again, and recieves another poke in the eyes from Taiga.

The next morning, Ryuuji puts on some nice clothes and decides to go back to the restaurant with Taiga. Taiga believes that he's trying to impress Minorin again, and regrets coming along. However, they soon run into "Uncle Inage," who recognizes Ryuuji as "Mirano-chan's son," using the stage name of Ryuuji's mother. They also discover that Minorin is working hard in his liquor store as well. Ryuuji offers to help with her work that day, and drags Taiga into the job as well. Inage asks Taiga to deliver some crates of beer, and Minorin prepares a bike for her, but Taiga just stares at it for awhile. Ryuuji wonders aloud if she doesn't know how to ride a bike. Taiga yells and runs off with the crates, grabbing the bike with her hands and running alongside it.

Ryuuji and Minorin go to grab some supplies from a nearby storehouse, only to be locked in by accident by Inage when he discovers the storehouse door unlocked and doesn't see them. Meanwhile, Taiga finishes her delivery, but loses her energy and lies down on the grass next to the bike. Kitamura shows up next to her and wonders if she knows how to ride a bike, as he never saw her ride one when he saw her last year. Taiga then tries riding the bike on her own after he leaves the area.

Eventually, Taiga returns to the store as Inage wonders where Ryuuji and Minorin disappeared to. Taiga screams in frustration and sets off to look for them. Meanwhile, Minorin and Ryuuji are singing a song to pass the time. Even when Minorin starts coughing, she keeps up a positive attitude, even playing a makeshift game of softball using a bottle and a few rags tied together. Soon, she looks up at an open window near the top of the storehouse, and suggests they should try escaping through that. Ryuuji finds himself admiring her incredibly positive attitude and crushes on her again.

Then he finds himself face to face with Taiga, who put up a ladder to meet with him on the other side. She plants her feet on his face as they both tumble back into the stockroom, but Minorin is happy because the wooden bars are now removed from the window and they can escape again.

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