Your Smile in the Street of Lies...

Your Smile in the Street of Lies... is an anime episode of Darker than Black: Ryuusei no Gemini that was released on 12/10/2009

Darker Than Black Ep. 10

Your Smile in the Street of Lies... - 偽りの街角に君の微笑みを… (Itsuwari no Machikado ni Kimi no Hohoemi o...)

Suo's mother doesn't seem to remember her so she run away from her with July. Kirihara came across Suo and July so she went to see Suo's mother who admitted that she worked for the Syndicate. She thinks that Suo is dead.

In the same time, Hei is interrogating Yoko and she told him that he he shouldn't allow Izanami (Yin) and Izanagi (Shion) to meet eachother because Izanami is anti-Contractor weapon designed to wipe Contractors out.

Suo's mother said that she is certain that Suo is dead because her ex-husband was working to create fake Suo from the remains of her memories. And Suo she meet today is definitely just a copy. It looks like Suo's brother Shion has the ability to do that as a Contractor.

Yoko is dead and it appears that Hei is the culprit and Mina swears that she will have her revenge.


Opening Theme-

"Tsukiakari no Michishirube" by Stereopony

Ending Theme-

"From Dusk Till Dawn" by abingdon boys school

Characters & Voice Actors

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