Young Princess Diana

Young Princess Diana is an anime movie
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Born in 1961, Diana Spencer is a child of the British aristocracy. Her parents divorce when she is six years old, and she goes to live with her father and grandmother. Sent away to boarding school, Diana is shy and withdrawn, but a sweet-natured girl who helps the maid with the washing-up and excels at pet care-winning the best-guinea-pig contest. Isolated when her father remarries, Diana throws herself into swimming and ballet, hoping that one day her prince will come. Then she meets Charles, the heir to the throne, never imagining that one day she will become his wife.

Screened a few days before the arrival of the real-life Charles and Diana on a royal visit to Japan, this could well be described as the highlight of scenarist Matsuoka's career-his later Kama Sutra hardly compares! The early life of the late Princess Diana is plundered with, in anime terms, only minor alterations; voiced by NausicaƤ-actress Sumi Shimamoto. The mind boggles at how this might have been "improved" with a few giant robots and invading aliens, but sadly it was not to be. The appeal is obvious to a Japanese audience reared on Cinderella and denied intrusive media access to their own royals-though the upbeat ending is particularly ironic considering the protagonist's later fate.

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General Information Edit
Name: Young Princess Diana
Release Date: Jan. 1, 1986
Romaji: Niji no Kanata e: Shojo Diana-hi Monogatari
Release Date:
Rating: None
Runtime: 114 (mins)
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Aliases End of the Rainbow: Young Princess Diana Story
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