Young Excitement

Young Excitement is an anime episode of Space Brothers that was released on 06/22/2013
The astronaut candidates now prepare for training on T-38 jets. Sharon happens to be in the US to present her proposal for a radio telescope on the moon. She now heads to Houston to see Mutta and Hibito.

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Young Excitement

You will be tested on this in 3 days
You will be tested on this in 3 days

Previously Amanti had warned Mutta that someone close to him will become seriously sick. Mutta worries that it is Sharon who will get sick. For now, Mutta focuses on learning to fly a T-38 jet. It is required for all astronauts to learn how. Larry and Vincent hand out boxes of instruction manuals for the T-38. One box full of books per person. Each astronaut candidate must familiarize themselves with the box full of materials over the next couple weeks. Larry comments that it is at this point when rookies get overwhelmed by the amount of information they learn. On top of the box full of books they must learn, in 3 days the ASCANs will be given a test to determine the order of priority that the candidates will be trained in a T-38. So, candidates who slack now will only fall behind later.

The inside of Dr. Morrison's locket
The inside of Dr. Morrison's locket

Meanwhile, the 2-day conference that Sharon attended has ended. She is approached by Dr. Daniel Morrison, who is interested in Sharon's proposal to build a telescope on the Moon. They chat about asteroids afterward. It turns out that Dr. Morrison, like Sharon was also interested in star gazing and searching for asteroids. Dr. Morrison named an asteroid after his wife (who died 2 years ago), and hopes one day to get a clearer look at that asteroid. Sharon is surprised by how similar their motivations are. Sharon's husband named an asteroid after her, so part of the reason Sharon wants to build a telescope on the Moon is also to get a clearer look at that asteroid. Sharon is happy that their project is being supported by Dr. Morrison. Sharon is confident that enough people have the same dream, it can come true.

Sharon's hand was almost limp
Sharon's hand was almost limp

Now that the conference is over, Sharon and her colleagues take a flight to Houston, Texas. During the flight Sharon asks the attendant for some water. She drops the cup. Sharon says it must be fatigue and jet lag. When arriving at the NASA Space Center, she is greeted by Hibito. Hibito notices something wrong when they shake hands. They have plans to meet Mutta in the evening, so they take some time to walk around the tourist area of the space center. They stop by the cafeteria for drinks. Sharon says she will get the drinks, but Hibito is unsure. Sharon accidentally falls on her way back to the table and drops the drinks. Her colleague suggests Sharon do a medical checkup. So they do, and the doctor says everything looks normal, so it is indeed probably fatigue.

Meanwhile Mutta invites the other Japanese astronaut candidates, as well as his parents to have dinner with Hibito, Sharon and her colleagues at a pizza parlor. Everyone is excited to meet Hibito. Serika is particularly excited to meet Sharon. When Sharon pulls out her phone and suggests for Serika and her to exchange e-mails. Serika immediately notices how beaten up Sharon's phone is. Serika remembers that her father got to a point when he too was dropping his phone a lot.

Serika checks Sharon's arm
Serika checks Sharon's arm

As a doctor herself, and her father having similar symptoms as Sharon, Serika proceeded to do some quick physical checks on Sharon. Serika's father had similar symptoms as Sharon, and had a rare disease that was difficult to diagnose. After checking Sharon and asking a few questions, Serika concludes that Sharon should see a neurologist tomorrow, and that Serika will accompany her.

Points of Interest

  • Larry says that the amount of information the ASCANs learn during this time is almost like "drinking water straight from a fire hydrant."
  • Dr. Morrison's wife is named Sinora, he named an asteroid he discovered after her, just like how Sharon's husband named an asteroid after her.
  • "If you ever feel that pounding in your chest, follow your heart." Sharon on her childhood dreams to be an astronomer.
  • The title of this episode "Young Excitement" could refer to: Young Serika and Sharon's excitement about space, also the two children playing in the Space Center.

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