You' re... Kyosuke?

You' re... Kyosuke? is an anime episode of Hungry Heart : Wild Striker that was released on 09/11/2002


Kano Kyosuke is in his first year of Jyoyo Akanegoaka High School. The episode starts with Kyosuke walking by the road, listening in his headphones. A boy of around 10, loses the soccer ball and it ends up in Kyosuke's hands. He watches the ball in anger as he remembers him leaving soccer and his brother getting scouted for AC Milan. The boy thinks that he's going to get hit, but Kyosuke just nonchalantly hands him the ball.
Afterwards, Kyosuke rounds up in Karaoke with a bunch of his friends and two girls. When the girls learn of his connection with his famous brother Kano Seisuke, they want him to introduce them to him. He shrugs them off angrily and leaves them, making them wonder by his rude behavior that is he really the brother of the famous Seisuke.

During walking, he sees two guys singing and playing guitar along the road side. His interest grows and he takes the guitar and starts singing by himself loudly. A crowd gathers, interested by his singing and playing. Some delinquents bothered by his antics come to chase him. They end up in fight with Kyosuke winning easily. 

They run back, vowing for revenge the next time, and while running, they push the same boy (appearing earlier in the episode) on the ground. Tsujiwaki Miki and Mori Kazuto, of the same school as Kyosuke happen to be passing by and help the kid. 
 After seeing the kid get pushed over, Kyosuke loses control and runs after them. Suddenly, the soccer ball, which fell from the kid's hands comes in front of him. He shoots the ball at the guys and it goes off at a great speed emitting an orange glow and hits the traffic light, nearly missing the delinquents. This makes Miki and Mori, aware of his potential as a soccer player.

The next day, Kyousuke is approached by Mori to join the soccer team. When he refuses vehemently, he is blackmailed by Miki, to coach the girls' soccer team. He accepts it resentfully. And this is where his life in soccer, started again.

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