One Piece #45 - You Have My Sympathies

is a manga book published by Viz Media that was released on 03/02/2007

Plot Summary

One Piece - Vol. 45

You Have My Sympathies - 心中お察しする (Shinchū Osasshisuru)

The conclusion to the Water 7/CP-9/Enies Lobby story. Secrets of Luffy's lineage are revealed, the Straw Hats gain a new crew mate, a new ship sets sail, and the price of declaring war on the World Government is shown over the East Blue and the rest of the world. Including Ace finally comes to the end of his long hunt.


Chapter 431. Fist of Love.....Pg.

愛の拳 (Ai no Kobushi)

Chapter 432. Jack in the Box.....Pg.

びっくり箱 (Bikkuri Bako)

Chapter 433. The Name of that Sea is.....Pg.

その海の名は (Sono Umi no Na wa)

Chapter 434. Whitebeard and Redhair.....Pg.

白髭と赤髪 (Shirohige to Akagami)

Chapter 435. Understanding Your Feelings.....Pg.

心中お察しする (Shinchū Osasshisuru)

Chapter 436. Pants from Frankyhouse.....Pg.

Pants from Frankyhouse (Pantsu Furomu Furankīhausu)

Chapter 437. Naked But Great.....Pg.

裸百貫 (Hadaka Hyakkan)

Chapter 438. Pride.....Pg.

プライド (Puraido)

Chapter 439. The Third and the Seventh.....Pg.

3人目と7人目 (Sanninme to Nananinme)

Chapter 440. Fire Fist VS Blackbeard.....Pg.

火拳VS黒ひげ (Hiken vs Kurohige)

Moves This Volume

CharacterTechnique Name
Monkey D. GarpArmament Haki
Iron Fist Meteor
Iron Fist Meteor Shower
ShanksConqueror's Spirit
FrankyStrong Right
Tony-Tony ChopperWalking Point
Franky FamilyCannon Deluxe
Monkey D. LuffyGum-Gum Rocket
Nico RobinDeux Fleur - Grab
Thousand SunnyCoup de Burst
Portgas D. AceFire Pistol
Flame Commandment - Fire Pillar
Fire Fist


Points of Interest

  • What Franky spent the stolen Straw Hat's money on is finally exposed in this volume.
  • The identity of Luffy's father and grandfather is revealed in this volume.
  • God Eneru's side story on the moon is continued in Ch. 433.
  • The name of the second half of the Grand Line is revealed in this volume.
  • The entire crew have bounties and wanted posters after the incident at Enies Lobby. Their total bounties add up to 600,000,050 Berry.
  • Though Nami is wearing the Log Pose in her wanted poster, but she wasn't seen wearing it at the pool where the image was taken.
  • Blackbeard's Devil Fruitpowers are finally revealed in this volume.


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