You Failed! Kakashi's Final Decision

You Failed! Kakashi's Final Decision is an anime episode of Naruto that was released on 10/31/2002
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Introduction Arc

You Failed! Kakashi's Final Decision - 失格?カカシの結論(Shikkaku? Kakashi no Ketsuron)


Opening Theme-

"Rocks" by Hound Dog (Japan)

"Rise" by Jeremy Sweet and Ian Nickus (U.S. TV)

At this point Naruto has been caught by Kakashi, lecturing him about his unnecessary movements. It is at this point that Sasuke, hiding in a nearby tree finds an opening and takes it, he launches a series of attacks and awaits the result.

Upon impact Kakashi goes flying and everybody thinks he was caught off guard, but it turns out he used the replacement jutsu and is safe from harm. Knowing he was tricked, Sasuke attempts to runs away, knowing he has been found out. Sakura copies Sasuke and retreats wondering what would happen to Sasule. She finds Kakashi in a small clearing and thinks that she is safe, but Kakashi is actually right behind her. She screams out of terror. Meanwhile, Naruto trying to cut the rope he had been caught in. He succeeds only to fall onto another trap a mere seconds after that. After a gust of wind picking up a series of leaves, Sakura is seen with a blank look. When she comes too see looks around and hears Sasuke's voice. As she turns to see where Sasuke is, she looks horrifed as Sasuke's body is bloody and impaled by kunai and shurikans. She screams once again and faints soon after. In reality it was really a genjutsu performed by Kakashi to make her think Sasuke was hurt. Having a short discussion and a stand off, Sasuke and Kakashi begin fighting and Sasuke succeeds in touching a bell but not in attaining one.

Sakura is dazed and bewildered upon waking, and Naruto is still stuck in the tree once again. Naruto sees the lunches that Kakashi has left and has an idea. Kakashi acknowledges the fact that Sasuke is different from the other two. Sasuke performs the Katon Goukakyuu. Kakashi surprised by the sudden attack, performs Doton Shinjuuzanshu and pulls Sasuke below ground and insults his skills. As Naruto prepares to eat the lunches, Kakashi shows up and scares Naruto, who clams it was all a joke, but Kakashi doesn't believe him. Sakura walks back wondering if Sasuke is okay and see Sasuke's head and faints once again. Sasuke revives Sakura and he reveals his plan to her. Having waisted too much time, the alarm sounds and the test is over. The students gather only to have Kakashi tell them that they should quit being ninjas.

As Iruka and the Hokage continue their tea and chat. Iruka finds out that none of Kakashi's trainees have ever passed the test. Iruka, being upset by the hokage remarks of his confidence in kakashi's training, continues to complain. The three find out that the only reason they failed was there lack of team work. They learn that they will get one more chance to prove themselves after lunch, but they will have to let Naruto starve as punishment for breaking the rules. In the next scene, the Hokage tells Iruka not to hate Kakashi no matter what the outcome is.

Sasuke and Sakura are eating their lunches and they both decide to give Naruto food so that the team can be strong for the next test. But just as Naruto starts eating, there is a huge explosion and Kakashi appears. He tells them that they broke the rule and to prepare for punishment. They argue with him and tell him that the three of them are one, hearing this he tells them that they have passed the test. When they ask why, he tells them these words, “Ninjas need to think beyond the normal, in the world of ninjas, those who break the rules are called scum, but those who don't take care of their friends are even worse scum." Having said those words, Kakashi tells them that starting tomorrow they will begin missions and that it is time to go home. As they walk off, Naruto is left tied to the tree stump yelling for help.

Ending Theme-

"Wind" by Akeboshi

Characters & Voice Actors

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Dave Wittenberg ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) (English)
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Hidekatsu Shibata ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) (Japanese)


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Masashi Kishimoto Original Concept He is the creator, writer, and artist, of the successfully popular manga and anime series: NARUTO


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