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We join a group of boys, who have been friends since kindergarten, on their daily lives in and around school. Sometimes it's a wonder how little they have changed and how important it is for them to enjoy the little things in life.


Kimi to Boku is a slice of life anime about a group of high school boys. Since four of the boys were friends together since kindergarten, we follow them around during their daily lives in and out of school. As the series progresses we learn more about their past together and the stories and memories that they share with each other. Sometimes there is a sad feeling that nothing has really changed since their early days. Even so, at the end of the day, they are all friends and enjoy whatever little changes from routine that they experience together.

Some themes of the series include: young love, making friends, types of relationships between people of different age, gender etc., being easy-going, doing new things with friends, how people can all be different, and appreciating things for what they are.

A recurring visual trope is the use of images of cats. Various images of cats are used at parts in episodes where there is implied a connection to what is happening in the scene between the characters. For example, if a character for whatever reason has been pushed into a pool and is now all wet, it will cut to a picture of a cat that is soaking wet. Usually the cat or cats are depicted lazing around, or playing lightly with each other. This can be seen as a compliment to the seemingly lazy, easy-going lives that the boys seem to lead throughout the series (except Kaname, of course, who is the hardest working of the boys).

Main Characters

The four boys who have been friends since kindergarten.

Kaname Tsukahara: He is smart and is the class representative. He is often teased or joked with by Yuta and Yuki which makes Kaname mad. Kaname tends to have a short temper when dealing with the incompetence of others, which can sometimes make him seem cold. Kaname also has a crush on his kindergarten teacher Saori-sensei.

Yuki Asaba: Yuki is slightly younger than his twin Yuta. He does not have many things that he likes to do except read manga. Despite not being very interested in anything, Yuki is actually very talented in sports and cooking. He is also very popular with girls, but Yuki is too lazy (or possibly uninterested) to do anything about it.

Yuta Asaba: Yuta is slightly more sociable than his brother Yuki. Yuta is also usually more rational and observant than Yuki. Both Yuki and Yuta like teaming up and frustrating Kaname's expectations, or just plain teasing him (teasing Kaname about his crush on Saori-sensei is a common topic).

Shun Matsuoka: The shyest and most feminin of the four. He cares about others and always wants everyone to get along with each other. He is often mistaken to be a girl by strangers.

Chizuru Tachibana: The newcomer to the group. Chizuru is only half Japanese, which is why he has blonde hair. Chizuru is very energetic and youthful. However, Chizuru can come off as annoying sometimes because he tries to get everyone to do things together and often gets involved in on other peoples business. Chizuru also has a crush on Masaki.

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General Information Edit
Name You and Me
Name: 搛べ惕
Romaji: Kimi to Boku
Publisher J.C. Staff
Start Year 2011
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Aliases You and I
Kimi to Boku 2
You and Me 2
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