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Yōtōden is based around the historical figure of Oda Nobunaga. Nobunaga is a demon warlord who slays all who stand in his way. A legend says three mystical weapons from three different ninja clans can end Nobunaga's unholy campaign.


In 1582, demons possess the warlord Nobunaga Oda, acting through his adviser Ranmaru Mori.  
The only weapons that can fight the demons are three magical weapons-a sword, a pike, and a dagger-each in the possession of a different ninja clan. 
The Kasami clan holds the dagger, and when the demons wipe out the rest of her family, teenage Ayame assumes the masculine name Ayanosuke and sets out to avenge her clan.  
Sakon of the Hyuga clan has the sword, and Ryoma of the Hakagure clan the pike.  
As the demons try to prevent them from using the magic weapons, their loved ones are killed and their homes destroyed.  
They think they have foiled the plot by killing Nobunaga and Ranmaru, but the dead were only impersonators. Ranmaru has a master plan, centuries in the making, to build a bridge between hell and Earth and give the world over to the rule of the Demon God. The three blades reunite in a titanic battle at Azuchi Castle, where victory is won at a terrible cost (compare to Time Stranger, which approaches the same events from a science-fictional viewpoint).

As with most ninja stories, Sword for Truth-creator Jo Toriumi's original Yotoden novel owes more to 20th-century fiction than 16th-century fact.  
Treading the same ground as Ninja Scroll, it assumes that the real-life events of Japan's civil war went hand-in-hand with black magic, and that Nobunaga united Japan, not with the foreign guns of the history books, but with demon armies. Ninja with '80s haircuts duck and dive their way in and out of real historical events like superpowered Forrest Gumps with throwing-stars, led by an ice-cool heroine whose gorgeous voice is from the refreshingly unsqueaky Keiko Toda. 
The story ends with a demonic battle that carries visceral, ultraviolent overtones of the contemporary Urotsukidoji series, also written by scenarist Aikawa. NV

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General Information Edit
Name: Yotoden
Release Date: Jan. 1, 1987
Name: 戦国奇譚妖刀伝
Romaji: Sengoku Kitan Yotoden
Release Date:
Rating: None
Runtime: 40 (mins)
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Aliases Civil War Chronicle of the Magic Blades Wrath of the Ninja
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