Yosuga no Sora

Yosuga no Sora is an anime series in the Yosuga no Sora franchise
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A 12-episode adult visual novel adaptation airing from October 4, 2010 to December 20, 2010. This series follows the story of Haruka Kasugano, an orphan who must start a new life with his frail fraternal twin sister, Sora.

Plot Overview

After the death of their parents,  Haruka Kasugano and his frail, fraternal twin sister, Sora, return to the town that they were raised in. Upon settling down and transferring to a local high school, Haruka meets the three other heroines of the show:  Kazuha Migiwa Akira Amatsume, and  Nao Yorihime. The show follows Haruka in his romantic encounters with each one of the four heroines, the fourth and final one being his sister, Sora. 
After each episode, there is a short comical omake segment that features chibi versions of the characters. These are filled with the erotic fantasies of  Motoka Nogisaka.   

Airing Information

This anime was aired in a variation of the omnibus format: while all heroines share the first episode, two heroines share one of two second episodes. Finally, each heroine has two (Sora has three) unique final episodes which follow the climax of her romantic encounter with the protagonist, Haruka. 
As such, the plot of Yosuga no Sora can be broken down into 4-episode, self-contained stories - one for each heroine's romantic involvement with Haruka. 

Heroines and Arc Episodes

Sora Kasugano

Arc Episodes: 1, 7, 10-12 

Haruka's frail fraternal twin sister and main heroine who is madly in love with him. As a child, Sora was often infirmed and kept separated from Haruka. For this reason, their relationship differs from most siblings in that their separation brought forth a passion between them with later implications of incest. Because she spent so much of her life bedridden under the care of her grandparents who were doctors, Sora isn't socially competent and does not understand the consequences of incest under a cultural context. She does not mind anyone else being in her life except Haruka and oftentimes stays home to use her computer, being too lazy and socially unmotivated to go out.  

Kazuha Migiwa

Arc Episodes: 1-4 
A humble, beautiful and talented daughter of a rich and influential family, Kazuha is a responsible young girl who goes out of her way to help out others in need, especially her friend Akira Amatsume who lives alone. She is also plays viola, and despite her natural ability to perform well, she prefers to play in private for those who are close with her. 

Akira Amatsume

Arc Episodes: 1-2, 5-6

Akira is a spirited young girl living alone at a Shinto shrine who is under the care of a close, local storeowner after the death of her foster father. Despite her tragic past, she is a dynamic, loving and innocent individual. She also follows the practices of a shrine maiden and performs the shrine's sacred ceremonies during an annual festival. 

Nao Yorihime

Arc Episodes: 1, 7-9 
Haruka and Sora's childhood friend back from when they used to visit their grandparents' residence for Sora's medical treatment (which is the same residence they're residing in alone now. Following the sudden, tragic passing of their parents, their late grandparents' old residence was the only place available to them.)  She is modest and attractive. At the same time, however, she shares a dark memory with Haruka. It stemmed from her frustration at her parents inability to get along. At the very least, she seeks reconciliation with Haruka for that memory. 
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