Irony: Gundam Creator Hates Video Games

Topic started by gia on Sept. 3, 2009. Last post by LordAndrew 5 years, 3 months ago.
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This is evil. EVIL!
This is evil. EVIL!
In an attempt to provoke game developers out of their comfy, crappy MMO-making, goofy-flash-game-cloning, same-damn-game-making caves, Gundam creator (and upcoming NYAF guest) Yoshiyuki Tomino offered a speech at CEDEC, the CESA Developers Conference (the CESA being the Computer Entertainment Supplier's Association) in which he proclaimed that video games, as they are now, are evil.
"I think that video games are evil. [Gaming] is not a type of activity that provides any support to our daily lives, and all these consoles are just consuming electricity!...You have to find the median — that games are not evil, perhaps not necessarily good either, but something that can be considered a pastime. What would make people enjoy a game? How do you make them feel like it is not just a waste of time?"
I'm all for trying to shake the video game industry so it doesn't become as self-indulgent and lazy as the movie industry often is...but this sounds a little off to me-- obviously enough people enjoy games that, you know, it's about an 18 billion dollar industry ($17.9 in '07).

What do you guys think?
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Its no news that Tomino is crazy i guess, but this is strange. For me video games have positive and negative sides. Its not really something productive (but neither is movies, sports or music for that mater) and just for mental stimulation. It can become an obsession as well, but the positive sides are that they increase your reaction time, logical thinking and I don't think i would have learned english as my second language nearly as well if I hadn't played video games.
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Yes, because watching anime gives us support for our daily life and doesn't consume electricity. :| 
I'm all for games and anime, but that's just being a hypocrit.
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Hey what can I say, life is long, you'll undoubtedly wind up with a lot of time on your hands. And since you certainly can't be productive all of the time, so why not kill some of it with videogames?
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I guess he's totally insane, I mean, his works are kinda akin to the video game industry and he calls it evil? What the heck is he talking about. I'm not just speaking for myself here, I'm sure a lot of those who grind wow gold in extended hours like me will agree with my statement. Video games' sole purpose is to provide fun and entertainment, and will do us no harm if played in moderation, right?
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I think he's talking about the Gundam video games. :P
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