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Digimon Adventure (1999 - 54 Episodes)

The first season of the Digimon: Digital Monsters franchise. The story is about 8 chosen kids who are taken to an alternate world called the "Digital World". There each child bonds with a specific Digital Monster to be their partner.

1 - 1
And So it Begins… (Drifting, The Island of Adventure) 03/07/1999
1 - 2
The Birth of Greymon (Explosive Evolution, Greymon) 03/14/1999
1 - 3
Garurumon (The Blue Wolf, Garurumon) 03/21/1999
1 - 4
Biyomon Gets Firepower (Scorching Hot, Birdramon) 03/28/1999
1 - 5
Kabuterimon’s Electro Shocker (Lightning, Kabuterimon) 04/04/1999
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