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Yoshino Murakami is a anime/manga character
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The female landlord at the house that Korou Satou secures a room to rent while he stays in Tokyo, Yoshino harbors a strong distaste of those that she perceves to be perverted. She distrusts Korou because he's a man and gives him a week to find somewhere else to go.


A nineteen year old student at the S Girl's University and the landlord who rents out rooms at her house to female tenants, Yoshino Murakami strives to be the best that she can be at both parts of her daily life. She has an extreme hatred of anyone that she considers to be perverted, often loosing control of her rage and unleashing it upon whoever is unfortunate enough to provoke her rage. This is why she only rents rooms out to female tenants, because she does not want to allow such perverted men under her roof due to her fear of them taking advantage of the other tenants sexually. Her suspicions about the hapless Korou Satou are "confirmed" when his unfortunate blunders always result in a perverted outcome, especially when they happen around her.


Yoshino Murakami was originally created by Miyano Kintarou for use within the Ikenai Roomshare manga. It is not known as to what inspired her creation.

Major Story Arcs

Ikenai Roomshare Volume One

Chapter One

Taking notice of a stranger standing next to their laundry rack and holding one of her pairs of panties in his hands, Yoshino grabs her baseball bat and heads outside, with one of the female tenants that lives under her roof following closely behind. Holding a baseball bat, the pervert-hating Yoshino and one of her tenants confront the surprised Korou Satou, who has now been put into a sticky situation for the panties in his hands just happens to belong to the enraged Yoshino. Believing that he is the panty thief that has been stealing all of their panties off of the laundry rack, she yells "You underwear thief!" at him before smashing him on the head with her baseball bat, knocking him out cold.

A short while later, Korou finds himself inside of the house at the living room table, with the frustrated Yoshino and nervous Rin Nonaka watching him. Once Korou has the chance to explain to Yoshino that he is the one who applied for the room at the house, she freaks out due to the fact that she approved his application to rent one of her rooms because she thought that he was a girl (due to his name). Turning to the mow-panicking Rin, she is stunned to find out that Rin had left out one key piece of information on the application form when she had posted it, the "Girls Only" part. Slamming her hands down onto the table, Yoshino decides that since she has three girls already living in the house, she can not allow Korou to have the room he was going to live in, afraid that he would unleash havoc upon the house due to her worrying that he is nothing but a perverted monster. Feeling unfairly judged by her and not wanting to be thrown out of the house before he even has the chance to move in properly, Korou jumps to his feet, begging her to give him a chance since she has wrongly associated him as a pervert. Unfortunately, Korou's right knee makes contact with the table when he jumps to his feet, causing him to fall forward towards Yoshino. Reaching out with his hands trying to grab onto something to stop himself from smashing down onto the table, his right hand accidentally grabs Yoshino's skirt, pulling it down past her knees as he manages to catch himself with his left hand, preventing himself from crashing onto the table. Locking up in shock, Korou realizes what terrible thing that he has just done as his eyes lock upon the white panties that the stunned Yoshino was wearing under her plaid skirt. Enraged beyond all reason and now convinced that he is indeed a true pervert, Yoshino goes nuts and unleashes her fury upon the panicking Korou, who's hasty apologies to her go ignored as she beats him up.

After the beating, the furious Yoshino lays down the law on the weary and battered Korou, stating that she will give him a week to find somewhere else to live and that he will be staying out in the small garden. Taking some of the blame for the events leading up to this moment transpiring in the way that they have, Yoshino promises that she will assist him in helping find a new place. When she is done telling him what will happen, Rin offers the devastated Korou a tent to use while he lives out in the garden. Later that night, the irritated Yoshino fills in the intoxicated Yako Takeshita, the other female tenant who lives under her roof, as to what had happened and why there is a tent out in the garden.

Chapter Two

The following day, in the aftermath of the Korou/Yako tent sex incident, the indifferent Yoshino follows the mildly-frustrated Korou around Tokyo, making sure that he is actually looking for another place to live at. She had promised him help, but that help ended up being nothing more than her following his every move around the local apartment buildings. Disappointed that the cheapest apartment in the immediate vicinity will cost him 50,000 Yen, Korou gives up hope that he will ever find somewhere else to live due to not being able to afford paying that much money. While Yoshino looks at one of the local apartment advertisements posted on the wall, Korou's mind drifts back to the wild sexual fling that he had with the drunk Yako, causing him to accidentally get aroused to the point that he becomes erect. Turning back to face him, the mortified Yoshino notices the large bulge in his pants, which triggers her strong hatred of perverted men in her presence. Snapping back to reality from his momentary daydream, Korou looks down and to his horror realizes that his vivid thoughts had caused him to become erect, knowing that this kind of behavior pisses Yoshino off to no end. Losing control of her rage, Yoshino unleashes a punishing series of blows upon the terrified Korou, who's apologies to her go ignored once again as she beats him up.

Once she has finished unleashing her rage on him, Yoshino shoots the battered Korou a cold glare as she proceeds to tell him that she will be heading off to a graduation party that one of her friends will be having tonight, telling him to take care of finding somewhere else to live before she comes back. Slightly confused, it takes a second for the news to register with Korou's mind before he realizes that it would mean him being alone back at the house. Taking notice of his odd behavior, Yoshino leans over the sitting Korou and tells him that she forbids him to get near Rin, who will also be staying back at the house that evening while herself and Yako are busy doing other things. Yoshino does not wish to see one of her tenants defiled by the perverted monstrosity that Korou is to her, completely unaware of what took place between Korou and Yako in the tent the previous night. After awhile, Yoshino heads off to get ready for the graduation party while the downtrodden Korou continues his futile search for somewhere else to live.

General Information Edit
Name: Yoshino Murakami
Gender: Female
1st manga book: Ikenai Roomshare #1
1st anime episode:
1st anime movie:
Aliases Yoshino
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