Yosaku is a anime/manga character in the Toriko franchise
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Yosaku is one of the most famous members of the Saiseiya, is the master of Teppei, and is currently a member of the IGO's 0th Biotope


Nothing is currently known about Yosaku's origins beyond his legacy as one of the greatest Saiseiya in the world.


Yosaku is a supporting protagonist for the series Toriko created by Shimabukuro Mitsutoshi.


Not much has changed with Yosaku since his introduction. He still holds his "rule breaking" ideology that one should break their own rules when they are compelled to do so.


Yosaku Full Profile
Yosaku Full Profile

Yosaku is a tall man with tan skin and a muscular physique. He is always seen wearing a black bandanna and smoking a piece of wood, even when treating patients and fighting his enemies. He has a beard and lots of arm hair as well as black markings around his eyes. Whether it's a tattoo or of other origin is not known.


Yosaku is an aggressive and loud man who bears an air of roughness. However he is actually a kind and generous man. He not only treated Toriko and his allies for free, but utilized 3 of the exceedingly rare Revival seeds with a combined value of 300,000,000 yen to treat Toriko and his friends, although one of them was his own doing as he accidentally crushed one of the seeds. He also took Sunny to the Gourmet World to ensure the latter's safety as he knew he would die if he were not with him.


Teppei - Teppei is Yosaku's disciple. He treats him in his usual aggressive and loud fashion but values him as a pupil as he sent him in his place to fulfill an important request made by National Treasure Setsuno. He also does seem to care for Teppei on a personal level as he was visibly distraught upon hearing of Teppei's defection to the NEO organization.

Sunny - Another pupil of Yosaku's. He helped train Sunny and rescued him from the notorious Gourmet World.

Toriko - Despite having only just met him, Yosaku revived Toriko's arm and helped keep him alive for approximately 1 year with no apparent collateral in return. Presumably the two have a good friendship now.

Story Arcs

Century Soup Arc

After the events of Ice Hell, Toriko, Teppei and the rest of their group head to Life, the Country of Healing to receive treatment for their injuries. They happen to bump into Sunny on the island along the way. Teppei proceeds to take the group to his master, who was none other than Yosaku. They request treatment from him and Yosaku agrees to help them and takes them to his Rivival Institute. Once, there, Yosaku proceeds with the treatment, using his apparently brutish methods but producing astounding results. He succeeds in healing Match and his men, and after being begged for it, he also gives Takimaru the exceedingly rare Revival Seed so that he could give it to his sick leader Aimaru, despite the cost of one seed being 100,000,000 yen. Toriko was a different case from the rest because his injuries were more gruesome, most notably his missing left arm. Yosaku also spared a Revival Seed for Toriko but said that such a gruesome injury would take 20 years to fix. However because Toriko's gourmet cells had abnormal strength, results were noticed immediately and it ended up only taking 1 year to regrow. During that time, Yosaku sent his disciples Teppei and Sunny to bring mounds of food for Toriko since the Revival Seed used a considerably high amount of calories. He also promised that he would take Sunny to the Gourmet World afterwards. Due to his immense generosity and help, he was among the few that Chef Komatsu gave a serving of his Century Soup once he had perfected it.

Gourmet World Reality Arc

Yosaku and President Ichiryuu arrive at Honey Prison
Yosaku and President Ichiryuu arrive at Honey Prison

Yosaku makes a brief appearance. He accompanied IGO President Ichiryuu to Honey Prison to have Warden Love release Zebra as she was originally not willing to do so. Though not shown, Warden Love submits as Ichiryuu was her superior and she reluctantly releases Zebra from Honey Prison.

Bubble Fruit Arc

Yosaku, being a member of the elite 0th Biotope was present for their meeting. They discussed the status of recovering Acacia's Full Course ingredients and the threat that the Bishokukai presented. The leader President Ichiryuu also inquired as to the predicted time of the Gourmet Eclipse which was said to happen some time after 6 months from then. Yosaku guaranteed that he would be able to revive Acacia's Dessert EARTH in time.

Cooking Festival Arc

Yosaku and fellow 0th Biotope member Manan appear in the Gourmet Garden inside the Gourmet World. Yosaku said that he was surprised that the day had finally come for him to revive EARTH, but that it would be difficult. But Bishokukai Exclusive Saiseiya Kaitora suddenly arrived to battle over EARTH. The two were later seen in battle, Manan seemingly not involved in the battle. Kaitora sensed that Midora had won his battle against Ichiryuu and said that since the tops had finished, there was no need to continue fighting. He then disclosed to Yosaku his true affiliation as being NEO rather than the Bishokukai and that Yosaku's own disciple Teppei was now among their ranks. Kaitora then turns to leave. A shocked Yosaku tells him to wait, presumably to have him explains what he had just said, but Yosaku is abruptly pierced through the back by a tail. This was later shown to be a Blue Nitro, supposedly an invincible creature according to Bishokushin Acacia. Yosaku's status and whereabouts have since been not revealed.

Powers & Abilities

Saiseiya Skills - Yosaku is hailed as one of the greatest Saiseiya in the world. He has numerous testimonies to his skill and he trained the likes of Saiseiya Teppei in the arts of the Saiseiya and helped train Heavenly King Sunny in combat. He is skilled to the point that he can revive the ingredient of legend EARTH from Acacia's full course. He is also held in such high esteem that the likes of IGO President Ichiryuu and National Treasure Setsuno request his services.


Resuscitation ShockYosaku brutally revives his patient by striking all of their pressure points almost instantly. To the untrained eye, it merely looks like Yosaku strikes his patients.
Paste SpittleYosaku's own spit can act as a bond for harsh open wounds. He bonded together a patient's nearly ripped off arm simply by spitting on it. Perhaps even more importantly, it heals the entire wound in 10 minutes.
Paste PhlegmA technique similar to Paste Spittle but seemingly more effective. When Yosaku had his arm cut off in his battle with Kaitora, he spat this substance on his arm stubble and instantly reattached his arm and it was already strong enough to immediately deliver a heavy blow to Kaitora.
Wood PunchA simple punch, yet strong enough to draw blood from the likes of Kaitora and knock him back.
General Information Edit
Name: Yosaku
Name: 与作 (よさく)
Romanji: Yosaku
Gender: Male
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Toriko #36
1st anime movie:
Aliases Bloodstained Yosaku
Recent Movies
Gekijō-ban Toriko Bishokushin no Special Menu

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