Yoroi, the Rebel Sword

Yoroi, the Rebel Sword is an anime episode of Katanagatari that was released on 05/21/2010

Plot Summary

Shichika and Togame track down pirate captain Kanara Azekura in order to retrieve the Klesha Bringer Zokutou Yoroi.

Detailed Summary

Azekura meets with Shichika and Togame
Azekura meets with Shichika and Togame
Togame and Shichika's adventures have brought them to the Obun Arena located in Kyuushuu. Upon their arrival they witness a battle between Kanara Azekura and an unnamed opponent. Shichika is surprised to see that Azekura battles without a sword but Togame informs him that the suit of armor that he wears is the Klesha Bringer they are in search of: Zokutou Yoroi. Later that night, Azekura seeks out the duo and proposes a deal to them: if Shichika can defeat him, Azekura will give him his Klesha Bringer as well as access to a ship. If Shichika loses however, Togame will becomes his bride. Togame agrees to the deal.
Togame&squot;s reaction to finding out the truth behind "cheerio"
Togame's reaction to finding out the truth behind "cheerio"
The next day, Shichika and Togame receive a letter requesting that they meet an unnamed person in the woods. The two head out and discover that the mystery man is none other than Houou Maniwa, leader of the Maniwa Corps. After suffering so many loses in pursuing the Klesha Bringers, Houou offers Togame a truce: he will not pursue the Klesha Bringers that she is currently seeking in order to avoid a battle for every sword. Additionally, for Togame een agreeing to listen to what he has to say, Houou offer her one of his arms, which he dismembers in front of her. Togame agrees to the proposition. Before leaving, Houou also informs her that "Cheerio", the word she uses as a catch phrase when punching someone in the chest should actually be "Chest", as "Cheerio" is actually a foreign word that means goodbye. This greatly embarrasses her and she experiences a brief mental breakdown which is prolonged by Shichika when he tells her that he was aware of this as well.
Azekura and Shichika face off
Azekura and Shichika face off
The next day, Shichika duels against Azekura and finds his back against the wall as none of the attacks he planned to used against Azekura seem to be working. Shichika begins to contemplate whether or not losing might actually benefit Togame in her search and is seemingly on the verge of defeat when Togame gives him some words of encouragement. Having heard them, Shichika will himself back into action and is able to defeat Azekura. Surprisingly, Shichika is able to do this without killing him, making him one of the few opponents to face Shichika and live to tell about it.

Characters & Voice Actors

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