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Amezō is a Kappa Yokai who live in Tono Village. He is the responsible to cleaning the bathroom.


Aotabou is a Aobōzu he was once a warrior monk when he was still not a member of the Nura Clan.


Awashima is a Yokai (Amanojaku) who live in Tono Village. During the daytime, Awashima is a male, while on the night Awashima turned female.


A horse yōkai that obeys only the most powerful of yōkai. He originally chose the yōkai Rengokuki to be his rider until he witnessed him being unable to beat Hakudoshi and chose him to be his new rider.


A Moth Demon and the brother of Gatenmaru.


Gozumaru is one of Gyuki's subordinate. He was later be the ally of Nura Clan.


Gyūki is the head of Gyūki Clan. He was beaten by Nurarihyon and become a part of his Clan. When he betrayed Rikuo, he gain Rikuo's trust back after he defeated by him.

Hagoromo Gitsune

Hagorome Gitsune is a Demonic Fox Yokai and considered to be the master of Spirits who led the Kyoto Yokai.

Hari Onna

Hari Onna is one of Shikoku Hachijūhakki Yakō Executive member. She hates it when she called an Old Lady.


Inugami is one of Shikoku Hachijūhakki Yakō executive member. He may be able to separate his head from his body.

Inugamigyōbu Danuki

Inugamigyōbu Danuki is Tamazuki's father. He is one of the three great Shikoku tanuki Yokai.

Inugamigyōbu Tamazuki

Inugamigyōbu Tamazuki is the leader of Shikoku Hachijūhakki Yakō. He is the main antagonist on Shikoku Arc.


Itaku is a Ninja Yokai (Kamaitachi) who live in Tono Village. He use Sickles to fight.


A yokai who's ready to serve his master no matter what kind of danger he may face. He was recruited by Rikuo to join his Hyaki Yakko.


Kappa is a member of Nura Clan. He is a strong Yokai that manipulates Water.

Karasu Tengu

Karasu Tengu is a Yokai that also an advisors to Nurarihyon and a loyal follower to Nura Clan. He also has two sons and a daughter.


Kejōrō is one of Nura Clan member. She usually seen handling all the lunch and such at kitchen. She fight with her hair.


Kubinashi is a Nukekubi Yokai and One of the members of the Nura Clan. He fight using a red thread.


A yokai who abandoned his shrine. He is now a famous musician.


Kurotabou is a Kurobōzu and known as the assassin monk,he is one of the yokai of the nura clan


Kuroumaru is one of Karasu Tengu's son. He is a loyal Yokai who serve Rikuo.


The Supreme leader of the PSC [Public Safety Committee] who only thinks it is law to kill any human trespassers, but also thinks he IS the law



Mezumaru is one of Gyuki's subordinate. He was said to be filthy for attacking Girls while bathing. He later allied with Nura Clan.


The old familiar to a goddess who has long since been dead. He is light-hearted and fun.

Nattō Kozō

Nattō Kozō is a member of Nura Clan. He accompany Nurarihyon a lot wherever he wanna go such as shopping and such.


Nurarihyon is the Supreme Commander of the Nura Clan. His grandson, Rikuo is the third heir of the Clan.


Reira is a Yuki-Onna Yokai who lives in Tono. She is also helping Rikuo to Kyoto with the other Tono Yokai.

Rikuo Nura

Rikuo Nura is the protagonist of Nurarihyon no Mago series. He is the grandson of Nurarihyon and Yohime, and son of Rihan Nura and Wakana Nura.


Sasami is a Crow Yokai. She is a daughter of Karasu Tengu and loyal to Nura Clan.


Setsura is a Yuki-Onna Yokai who also a guardian of Nurarihyon. She's also a mother of Tsurara Oikawa.

Suika Ibuki

A character from the Touhou Project.

Tearai Oni

Tearai Oni is one of Shikoku Hachijūhakki Yakō executive member. He was fight with Aotabou.


A fox yokai who serves as the familiar of the land god.


Tosakamaru is one of Karasu Tengu's son. He always appear with his brother and sister.

Tsurara Oikawa

Yuki-Onna is Rikuo's most trusted attendant. She is an Ice element Yokai. She disguise herself as a Middle School girl named Tsurara Oikawa.


Yosuzume is one of Shikoku Hachijūhakki Yakō executive member. She is a Yokai that possessed a Poisonous Feathers that create perfect darkness.


Yukari is a Yokai (Zashiki-Warashi) who live in Tono Village. She is appear as a sweet little girl.

Yukari Yakumo

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