Yoh (Dub: The Tunnel of Tartarus)

Yoh (Dub: The Tunnel of Tartarus) is an anime episode of Shaman King that was released on 10/31/2001

Yoh "Yō" (よう)

 Manta and Ryu finally reached Izumo. Tamao's spirits, Konchi and Ponchi, confronts Ryu and Manta and tries to attack them. Ryu easily defeats them and as Tamao comes out, Ryu is smitten by Tamao and wants Tamao to go out with him. However, Konchi and Ponchi attack Ryu by cutting Ryu's coif and hitting him below the belt. Anna stops Tamao from using her oversoul on Manta, and Anna demands why Konchi and Ponchi lie to Tamao. 
After that scene, Yohmei explains to Manta that Yoh is training in Yomi (Dub: Tartarus). Meanwhile, Ryu is left behind and Mikihisa wants Ryu to try training in the same cave as Yoh, but Ryu comes back after witnessing all of his senses vanish in the cave.
At night, Manta and Tamao talk about Yoh and Anna (in the sub). <Check Sub vs Dub below because the dialogue changes in the dub>
The next day, Tamao alerts everyone except Ryu and Mikihisa that Yoh is coming out. However, Elie and Milly wants to crush Yoh, but as soon as Yoh comes out and uses his evolved Oversoul, Yoh easily defeats Elie and Milly.
Other scenes: Near the beginning of the battle, Horohoro and Kororo are see battling in their second battle while Pirika and Kalim are watching.

Anime and Manga Differences

  1.  In the manga, Ryu is trained to be a shaman by Yohmei Asakura (Yoh's grandpa) after Yoh and friends ditch him in Izumo.
  2. In the anime, Ryu is trained by Mikihisa Asakura (Yoh's dad), but earlier than Izumo. Best guess would be after Ryu and Mikihisa first met on the episode where the comet that signals the Shaman King to begin.
  3. In the anime, Konchi and Ponchi's predictions has come true because Elie and Milly fit the description. In the manga, Konchi and Ponchi are more disgusting and their predictions did not come true since Elie and Milly probably did not exist in the manga.
  4. Only in the anime, Horohoro's second shaman preliminary match is shown.

Sub versus Dub

  1.  There is a stark contrast on the subject that Tamao and Manta talk during that scene. In the dub, Tamao talks about a boy named Lock who she likes and Lock disappears in the tunnel of Tartarus (dub). Compared to the sub, Tamao talks to Manta about how Yoh needs Anna and the Asakura family needs strong female shamans to wed their heir.
  2. For Kalim who is spectating the fight after Horohoro gets severe training equipment from his sister. In the sub, Kalim says I pray compared to the dub, Kalim says nothing.
  3. Near the end of the episode after Yoh defeats Elie and Milly:
In the sub, Yoh asks Tamao to cook dinner for him because he has not taste her meals in a while. This enrages Anna to hit him.
In the dub, Yoh asks Anna to cook him a lot of cheeseburgers which enrages Anna to hit him.
Reasons for the changes: Unknown

Characters & Voice Actors

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Hiroyuki Takei Writer Creator of the Shaman King manga. Currently he teamed up with Stan Lee to create a new manga called Ultimo.


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