Yin and Yang Characters

Yin and Yang is a anime/manga concept
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Betheal Gavarre

Former inquisitor in the medieval time turn into the demon/devil Belial after being tricked by Temozarela to kill his son, losing his faith in God. Instead of joining Temozarela he decide to fight him. Later he make a deal with the insane priest Ivan Isaacs who want revenge against Temozarela.

Good Witch Haggar

When Allura appealed to Haggar's good side, an unexpected event occurred, the evil of Haggar purged the good from her body, giving birth to an entity with the power of Haggar and a pure heart.

Hao Asakura

Yang to Yoh: He is like the evil twin of Yoh because he kills people and Yoh does not kill.

Jiminy Cricket

The official conscience for Pinocchio. He's also the chronicler of Sora's travels.

La and Tui

La and Tui are the spirits of the Ocean and the Moon. They descended to the physical realm and live in the Spirit Oasis in the Northern Water Tribe.

Makarov Dreyar

Makarov's magic such as Fairy Law is yin which is the opposite of Jose Porla's dark magic.

Malik Ishtar

The yin version to Yami Malik.

Ray Kon

One of the main characters in the Beyblade series.

Ren Tao

Yang to Yoh: Destroys everything. For both, Ren has a yin and yang tattoo on his back. He deals with his conscience a lot.

Ryou Bakura

Yin version to Yami Bakura.

Tao Yuan

Same as Ren, he has a yin and yang tattoo on his back.


A navyman drafted into the anti-assassination group, the J├Ągers. Wields the Imperial Arm Grand Chariot.

Yami Bakura

Yang version to Bakura.

Yami Malik

Yin version to Malik.

Yami Yugi

Yang version to Yugi.

Yoh Asakura

Yin to Ren: creates things from nothingness. (from Jun Tao) Yin to Hao: He is the good twin brother who is kind and benevolent.

Yugi Mutou

Yin version to Yami Yugi.

Yukari Yakumo

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