Yin and Yang

Yin and Yang is a anime/manga concept
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It is a concept that shows the balance of one's light and dark sides. Yin stands for light and Yang stands for darkness, so these halves make up a whole.


Yin and Yang related characters do not necessarily need to have a mark on their bodies. They can be in pairs such as the characters Yin and Yang from the "Yin, Yang, Yo!"

Without a yin or a yang, a person is off balance in their personality and spirituality.

Characters Table

Yin charactersYang charactersAssociated with Both
Yugi MotoYami Yugi
Marik IshtarYami Marik
Ren Tao and Tao Yuan
BakuraYami Bakura
Yoh AsakuraRen Tao
Tsuzuki AsatoMuraki Kazutaka
MakarovJose Porla
Yoh AsakuraHao Asakura

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Other info

Concepts and other things can have a light and a dark side.

Examples of Concepts

  • Angels and Demons = For most genres, these entities are the opposite of each other like Heaven and Hell. Exceptions: Hellboy, Castiel
  • Nirvana = is a six legged city that the Nirvits create that can change one's light to dark and vice versa. It has both yin and yang. (From Fairy Tail)
  • Magical Girl versus Dark Magical Girl = Even though there is no light magical girl, magical girl is the opposite of dark magical girls due to certain themes and goals that these young women stand by.
  • Magic = In anime, there are light and dark magic that occur frequently.

Other Media

In some religions, the seven deadly sins are the opposite of the seven heavenly virtues.

7 Heavenly Virtues7 Deadly Sins

other things...

General Information Edit
Concept Name Yin and Yang
Japanese Name:
Romaji Name:
Aliases Light and Dark
Spiritual Balance
Good and Evil
Heaven and Hell
Light magic and Dark magic
Angel and Demon
Two sides
1st manga book:
1st anime episode:
1st anime movie:
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