Yes, Yet Another Masou Transformation!

Yes, Yet Another Masou Transformation! is an anime episode of Is this a Zombie? of the Dead that was released on 04/05/2012

Ayumu meets Chris, a young girl who gets drunk, at school. Ayumu's roommates think Ayumu is hallucinating. Meanwhile, Orito and the others present to Ayumu, pictures of a young man cross dressing as a Masou Shoujo. They think it looks like Ayumu.

Ayumu runs off to complain to Chris only to find a Megalo. Can Ayumu beat the Megalo without jeopardizing his reputation?

Plot Summary

Chris; Another loli!
Chris; Another loli!

As the day breaks, Ayumu sees Eucliwood feeding a black cat. Haruna appears and tells everyone that she is hungry; Seraphim announces breakfast is ready. At school, he narrates about fate a bit. He wonders why Gaia chose him. With class over, Ayumu faints from the sun. Anderson helps Ayumu to the nurse's office. When evening comes, Ayumu wakes up and finds Chris, a super cute, drunk, loli girl. She runs away from Ayumu in embarrassment. Back at Ayumu's house, Seraphim finds Ayumu a pedophile; Eucliwood thinks Chris is a ghost. The others do not believe in ghosts even though they are part of occult. They tell Ayumu that he is hallucinating. Before heading off to school, Eucliwood bids him farewell with Ayumu fantasizing her being all cutesy. In class, Yuki gives Ayumu food while Kanami thinks Yuki has a thing for him. When Orito asks Yuki to cook him something, Yuki replies she is only Ayumu's bride. In the kitchen, Haruna receives a fresh shipment of premium eggs. With school over, Taeko finds Ayumu all alone in class.

Ayumu's most embarrassing moment ever
Ayumu's most embarrassing moment ever

At night, Ayumu finds someone in the closet. He barges in to find Christ vomiting rainbow chunks. She passes out from her drinking too much. Moments later, Chris grills squid and continues drinking. She makes Ayumu do a toast for the future. Moments later, Ayumu acts drunk and shares his stories and issues with Chris. Suddenly, Chris disappears without a word making it look like a hallucination. At home, Haruna cries that she could not help Ayumu while Seraphim continues to insult him. Elsewhere in the city, Sarasvati senses an enemy. A Megalo senses a Masou Shoujo. In class, Orito presents a magazine that has a boy cross dressing as a Masou Shoujo who looks like Ayumu. Taeko argues that this is not Aikawa. Ayumu runs out from class in shame. He grabs a person and cries on his back. The Megalo gropes Ayumu's butt which Ayumu finds arousing. The Megalo bursts out as a squid and attacks Ayumu, but Ayumu delivers a punch to him. Haruna appears with Mystletainn. She begins transforming, yet she shows her bare back and buttocks. Ayumu tackles the giant squid, and they fall outside. The squid grabs Taeko. Haruna urges Ayumu to transform, and Ayumu hesitantly transforms with everyone taking pictures of him. The squid states it turns him on when Ayumu cross dresses. The audience starts talking about Ayumu in a gross way. Ayumu begin charging up his magic while transforming into a cuter Masou Shoujo. He jumps into the air and delivers a powerful "kick." With the Megalo defeated, Taeko states she is jealous of Ayumu's legs. Ayumu begs Mystletainn to erase their memory and swings the chain saw until it breaks. Ayumu loses his clothes, and everyone takes pictures of him while calling him a pervert. Sarasvati seems to fall for Ayumu based on his buttocks.

Points of Interest

Taeko: "Your legs are gorgeous"
Taeko: "Your legs are gorgeous"
  • Haruna is a big eater.
  • Ayumu stays in class until the sun sets down.
  • Ayumu likes it when his butt gets grope.
  • Sarasvati likes Ayumu's butt while Taeko seems to like Ayumu's legs.


  • Japanese Name: "Hai, Ima Futatabi no Masō Henshin!" (はい、今再びの魔装変身!)
  • Opening Theme: "***Passionate" by Iori Nomizu
  • Ending Theme: "Koi no Beginner Nan Desu (T_T)" ("I Am a Love Beginner") by Rie Yamaguchi

Characters & Voice Actors

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Takaomi Kanasaki Director Takaomi Kanasaki is a Japanese anime director and storyboard artist.
Shinji Kakijima Music Composer.


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