Yes, This is Popular Every Year

Yes, This is Popular Every Year is an anime episode of Is this a Zombie? of the Dead that was released on 05/03/2012

When Eucliwood gets sick, Ayumu and Haruna tend to her needs, and Seraphim goes to her village to take care of some business.

Plot Summary

Ayumu gets ready
Ayumu gets ready

It's a hot summer day, and Seraphim asks Haruna to protect Eucliwood from Ayumu while she heads off to the village. Meanwhile, Eucliwood bathes her feet outside with a large stack of tangerines at her side. Elsewhere, Seraphim measures Yuki's bust, and the other Vampire Ninjas are in their maid outfits. In Ayumu's kitchen, Ayumu finds the dishes piling up and no food in the refrigerator. He sees Eucliwood peeling tangerines in the next room. While Ayumu fantasizes about Eucliwood, he notices something strange with Eu. She reassures Ayumu that she is okay. Then, Eu falls over, and Ayumu realizes that she is burning up inside. He instructs Haruna to get some ice. Later, he hesitates to remove Eucliwood's armor in order to cool her down, yet he has his dirty thoughts. As a solution, Ayumu puts on gloves and a blindfold. Even though he feels Eucliwood's armor, he is actually grasping the fan instead. Eucliwood tugs on Ayumu's shirt, and as Ayumu is moving his hands on Eucliwood's back, he thinks Eu is not wearing a bra.

Then, Haruna enters the room with an ice block, and she finds Ayumu being a pervert. After she beats Ayumu up, she asks Eucliwood if she's hungry. Ayumu calls Anderson to help Eucliwood since they are both Underworld denizens. Anderson instructs Ayumu to yodel and to strip down to his underwear. Ayumu begins to shake his body. With his shirt off first, he spins at Eucliwood's side, and he takes off his pants. Anderson tells him to skip and yodel some more. When Ayumu asks him, Anderson instructs him to get on fours and to start blowing on Haruna. When Haruna enters, she finds Ayumu doing weird and perverted things to Eucliwood. Anderson admits he was having fun. Despite that, Anderson explains laughter is a good medicine and that Eucliwood needs some sleep. Later that night, Ayumu leaves Eucliwood to sleep by herself, and he finds Eucliwood outside his door where Eu wrotes that she wants to sleep with him.

Haruna and Eucliwood sleep together
Haruna and Eucliwood sleep together

In Ayumu's bed, he feels strange, and when Haruna enters his room, he immediately covers Eucliwood with his blanket. Haruna explains that she has pull a strange creature from a ground and that she has cat mittens, too. Ayumu remarks that Haruna has went to great lengths to help Eu, and Haruna goes into her Tsundere mode and tells him she only did due to Seraphim's request. Then, Ayumu accidentally reveals Eucliwood, and Haruna lets him have Eucliwood. She tells him not to do bad things to her. Haruna throws the cat mittens to him. Moments later, Ayumu finds himself sleeping on the floor and Haruna sleeping with Eucliwood. In the morning, Anderson greets Ayumu, and he goes over to Eu and reveals to everyone the orange, petal-like marks on Eu's neck. Anderson asks Ayumu if he peels off the pith from the tangerines. He explains that you can't peel away everything. When Ayumu asks them about the cure, Anderson and Haruna does not know, but they have ideas. Meanwhile in the village, Saravati, Seraphim, and Haruna are seen in the hot springs. Back at Ayumu's home, Anderson and Haruna make Eucliwood do bizarre things. Though, nothing works. When Haruna starts sneezing, Ayumu realizes that Haruna got sick after going out to help Eu. Eucliwood urges Haruna to rest while Ayumu prepares a futon for her. As Seraphim returns home, she finds Ayumu telling Haruna to strip. She quickly misunderstands and attacks Ayumu. Later, the gang tries to help Haruna which ends up with Ayumu getting hurt.

Points of Interest

  • How many times Ayumu has fantasized about Eucliwood? - 6 times.
  • Haruna calls Seraphim, Leaf Girl, and Eucliwood, Necromancer.
  • Tangerines are known as the forbidden pith of Adam and Eve.
  • When Underworld denizens eat tangerines, they get sick with fever and orange, petal-like marks appears on their neck. This is because the pith of the tangerine is poisonous.
  • Haruna's ahoge can make a question mark shape when she's stumped.


  • Japanese Name: "Hai, Maitoshi Hayattemasu" (はい、毎年流行ってます)
  • Opening Theme: "***Passionate" by Iori Nomizu
  • Ending Theme: "Koi no Beginner Nan Desu (T_T)" ("I Am a Love Beginner") by Rie Yamaguchi

Characters & Voice Actors

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Junji Majima ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) (Japanese)
Eucliwood Hellsythe ( x ) ( x ) ( x )
Haruna ( x ) ( x ) ( x )
Iori Nomizu ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) (Japanese)
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Yōko Hikasa ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) (Japanese)
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Shinobu Tagashira Character Artist/Designer
Makoto Uezu Series Composition
Shinichi Kimura Original Concept
Takaomi Kanasaki Director Takaomi Kanasaki is a Japanese anime director and storyboard artist.
Shinji Kakijima Music Composer.


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