Yes, It Fits My Size

Yes, It Fits My Size is an anime episode of Is this a Zombie? of the Dead that was released on 10/20/2012

Ayumu and the gang go to a flea market.

Plot Summary

Ayumu and the girls eat some delicious ice cream, and Haruna gets a stomachache from being too greedy. Later, Orito arrives to asks Ayumu to set up shop for the flea market, and while he informs Ayumu, he glances at the undergarments that Seraphim is hanging on a clothesline to dry. Orito yells out and asks Haruna to challenge him. Over at the school, Ayumu and Eucliwood set up shop, and Ayumu asks Orito why is he doing this. Orito reveals his true attentions when he looks at Haruna's handkerchief and thought it was a panty. Later, Ayumu looks at how high the prices are for Haruna's goods. He spots a penchant that has no price tag, and Ayumu suggests to Haruna to take off a zero. Suddenly, a young woman takes a tub and buys it immediately. Over at Orito's place, Ayumu finds that Orito is selling erotic doujinshi that he made, and Orito wonders why they are not selling. Ayumu arrives to Taeko's stand and buy some cookies. When he buys some, two men come to the stand and look at something before going away. Over at Yuki's ramen stand, Ayumu eats some delicious ramen, and Yuki gives him some fried eggs as a bonus. She gives Ayumu a brochure from Sarasvati who is selling merchandise with a discount for those who ate at Yuki's ramen shop. By Sarasvati's shop, two bunny girls reveals some risque shots of Sarasvati. Fans line up to shake hands with Sarasvati, and when an otaku cuts in line, Saravati punishes the otaku. As the day ends, Orito attracts more customers to his place while Haruna is having none. Orito waits patiently for Seraphim's lingeie (implied). When Seraphim is showing some merchandise to some guys, Ayumu notices the men are gravitating to women with big boobs. He yells out that he has found the perfect marketing solution and as he is about to tell Haruna, he realizes Haruna's chest is flat. Seraphim and the others help out Haruna to sell out unwanted stuff. When Orito spots Seraphim's purple tanktop, he asks Haruna how much, and Haruna asks for all of his profits.

Later that night, Haruna is missing her pendant (Philosopher's Stone), and Ayumu accidentally drinks a potion that turns him invisible. Eucliwood suggests it was a girl who might have bought the penchant. When Ayumu brings up the girl's physical examination, Seraphim ties Ayumu for thinking perverted things. Next day, Ayumu uses his current condition to sneak into the gym while the girls are doing their physicals. He gets distracted by the bloomers, and he bumps into some of the girls. He starts looking for the penchant by looking at the girls who are bending down for the flexibility test. He gets distracted by the bouncing bosoms. When Taeko is up next, Ayumu could not see anything. When the girls are doing their stretching to see how tall they can lift their bodies without their legs, Ayumu finds himself underneath Taeko. Taeko feels his head on her breasts and springs up with a new record. As Ayumu suffers from a nosebleed, Sarasvati spots him and grabs his buttocks. She realizes it's her darling, and after Ayumu debriefs her, Sarasvati goes out to call others to help Ayumu. When Ayumu's body starts to materialize, Ayumu hides behind the curtains. Taeko finds Ayumu who is naked, and Ayumu makes some dumb lies that Taeko does not seem to mind. She gives Ayumu her sweats for him to wear. Ayumu finds the penchant in her pockets, and Taeko still wonders why Ayumu came to school naked.

At home, Haruna and the others explain that they found the real Philosopher's Stone. When Ayumu drinks a potion, he is startled by the fact that he can see through everyone's clothes. Seraphim realizes that Ayumu drank the medicine and kicks him out of the window. Haruna pummels Ayumu for staring at her bra less chest.

Points of Interest

  • This episode is an unaired one. It's only available on DVD.
  • Yuki got her mad skills in fried eggs from Haruna.


  • Japanese Name: "Hai, Mi no Take ni Attemasu" (はい、身の丈に合ってます)
  • Opening Theme: "***Passionate" by Iori Nomizu
  • Ending Theme: "Koi no Beginner Nan Desu (T_T)" ("I Am a Love Beginner") by Rie Yamaguchi

Characters & Voice Actors

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