Hardwicke Appears Again: Maximum Ride Movie

Topic started by gia on March 17, 2009. Last post by AngelOfPurity 5 years, 7 months ago.
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This might be a bit of a stretch to put here, but I know a lot of manga fans out there are really enjoying Yen Press' adaptation of James Patterson's novel series, Maximum Ride, which is running in Yen+ and whose first volume just came out in late January.

So, the very day after word hits the Internet that Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke made reference to an anime version of the tween vampire novel series being in the works, Hardwicke is also being cited as the director of an upcoming live-action Maximum Ride movie. In other words: a Maximum Ride movie is in the works. Sweet!

My source, MTV's Movies Blog, wants to know if Twilight fans are planning to follow Hardwicke's career...I think a more appropriate question here is: would you watch Hardwicke's Maximum Ride movie, given her past attachment to Twilight? She refused to do the second one, if it's any consolation...

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*snigger* Maximum Ride?
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I've lost track. I thought Vamp Bishi Fandom replaced Angel Bishi Fandom? I'm so confused.
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I'm looking forward to the movie even though I haven't had the time to delve very deeply into the manga adaption of it.

Edit: I'm not looking forward the the movie anymore at all after reading the first volume of the terrible, imo, manga.
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This looks cool
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Maximum Ride is a great series Hardwicke did a great job with LORDS OF DOGTOWn and an okay one for twilight
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I just have to say that I wish CH wasn't directing the series as it is my favourite series of all time and I think that she will take out too much in the movie. There are certain parts in books that you have to have in the movie and she left a lot out in Twilight so I would hate to have her do that to Maximum Ride. And just a pointer, if you have only read the manga don't judge it. Read the series too because they are really good.
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