Yellow Temperance

Yellow Temperance is an anime episode of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders that was released on 05/31/2014

Plot Summary

Out in Singapore, Jotaro and Noriaki walk with Ann, sightseeing a bit. Ann orders some ice cream, but she gets chilled coconut juice instead. Noriaki pays for three drinks. When he pays, a thief tries to steal Noriaki's wallet. Noriaki catches him with his Stand and hurts the thief brutally with a back breaker. Jotaro stops Noriaki from killing the man. A bunch of children rush to watch a few rhinoceros beetles on a tree. Noriaki states that he's in a bad mood. Jotaro informs Noriaki that they will board a train to India. Ann notices Noriaki eating the group of rhinoceros beetles. She runs to Jotaro in fear. Near the gondola lift, Noriaki pushes Jotaro after taking his cherry away. Jotaro punches Noriaki and realizes it's an imposter. He gets on the cable car with the fake Noriaki, leaving Ann behind. The man reveals his real face and that his blob gets bigger by eating things. When Jotaro tries to hit the enemy with Platinum Star, the enemy uses his yellow slime to cover Platinum Star's arm. It burns his arm.

Meanwhile, Ann calls Joesph and Avdol about Jotaro's situation. Noriaki comes by which confirms Ann's suspicions. Jotaro jumps out of the cable car to a nearby pillar. Rubber Soul boasts that his Stand has no weakness. Jotaro spots a young boy and asks for his ice cream. He promises the child that he will buy an ice cream. When Jotaro tries to apply the ice cream, the cold causes the slime to penetrate Jotaro's hand with spikes. The woman turns out to be Rubber Soul. After a poor puppy is eaten, Jotaro has Platinum Star attack Rubber Soul with a steel rod. Jotaro smashes the floor and drags Rubber Soul into the sea below. He attempts to drown Rubber Soul to expose his defenses. Rubber Soul cannot use his Stand to breathe underwater. Rubber Soul begs Jotaro not to hurt him anymore, and he refuses to answer Jotaro's question. When Jotaro is about to punch him, Rubber Soul confesses that are four enemies after them: The Emperor, Death, The Empress, and The Hanged Man. Rubber Soul states that Centerfold is a man with two right hands, and his Stand is the Hanged Man.

When Rubber Soul notices the drain with clayfish, he distracts Jotaro and uses the drain hole to shoot his slime. Not moved by Rubber Soul's threats, Jotaro has Platinum Star do a water pressure punch that shoots Rubber Soul in the air. Jotaro grabs Rubber Soul's head. Although Rubber Soul begs Jotaro not to hit him due to him joking around, Jotaro finishes Rubber Soul with a flurry of fists.

On a train to India, Jean now knows the name of his sister's killer. Anne waits at the train station to meet her father. Jean comments that it's lonely without her. Noriaki asks Jotaro for a cherry and starts playing with the cherry in his mouth.

Points of Interest

Stand Used

  • Yellow Temperance
  • Platinum Star


  • Japanese Name: "Ierō Tenparansu" 悪魔 (黄の節制 (イエロー・テンパランス))
  • Manga Chapter: Ch 136-139 (Vol. 15)
  • Opening Theme: STAND PROUD
  • Ending Theme: Walk Like an Egyptian

Characters & Voice Actors

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