YAT Budget! Space Tours

YAT Budget! Space Tours is an anime series
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The Yamamoto Anshin Travel Company's latest luxury space tour hits an unexpected setback when the ship warps into an unknown part of space, ruled by a race of fishlike humanoids called the Gannon, who don't like their visitors. "Luxury" is a misnomer; the ship is a pile of junk, the captain is fat and grumpy, and, with the exception of the stewardess-his daughter Katsura-and the boy who's crazy about her, most of the crew are robots or aliens, and all of them are weird. Beset by pretty shark-boys out for their blood, with restless passengers, and the normally quiet Katsura ready to bash someone with her monkey wrench, how will our gang of misfits get their passengers home? To make matters worse, they've got a stowaway-squirrel-girl Marron, who can turn herself into a little pink ball but doesn't seem to have many other useful survival skills. This cute, colorful slapstick SF show, created by Shinji Nishikawa, was a departure for NHK's educational division. Something the anime industry itself should have learned from was a stroboscopic sequence in the final episode, which produced fainting and convulsions in some viewers in March 1997. Nine months later, a similar sequence in Pokémon would make international headlines.

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General Information Edit
Name YAT Budget! Space Tours
Romaji: YAT Anshin! Uchu Ryoko
Publisher ?
Start Year 1996
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