Yandere is a anime/manga concept
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She'll do anything for love, and she'll kill you if you think otherwise.

A term that usually refers to a character who is a bit too attached to their love interest. Usually, the yandere is female, but there have been male examples. The yandere is in love with someone to the point of obsession. They will do everything from sending love letters and text messages to outright stalking their crush. Sometimes, they will even lock them in a room or physically hurt them if they are afraid that their beloved target is looking at someone else but them. And if some other friend or love interest thinks about making a move on the same person, the yandere will not be afraid to stick a knife in their back to remove the competition or to prove their love to their target. In some cases, the yandere is not afraid of even killing their own crush if they get rejected by him.


It is not entirely clear where the term originated, but the trope still exists in anime/manga today.

  • Mao from Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion exhibited yandere traits towards C.C. when he planned to cut her up with a chainsaw and stuff her in a suitcase so he could take her with him.
  • Yuno Gasai from Future Diary cut off a girl's arm for kissing a boy she is obsessed with.
  • Rosine from Berserk exhibited yandere traits towards her childhood friend Jill when she knew that Jill had a crush on Guts she tried to kill him stating that Jill is "her's" and when her "paradise" was been burned she stated that she will start somewhere else and all that she needs is her friend Jill whom she tried to save from the fire more than twice.
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Concept Name Yandere
Japanese Name: ヤンデレ
Romaji Name: yandere
Aliases Yangire
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