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Yamane Byouinzaka is a anime/manga character in the Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge franchise
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Welcome everyone, today I'm going to promote The Severing Crime Edge anime series. It's a new spring 2013 show, and we have a lovely discussion thread located in the Community Directory board. I hope to see you guys and gals over there.


Based on Tatsuhiko Hikagi's manga series of the same name, it is produced by Studio Gokumi and directed by Yuuji Yamaguchi.

It's about Kiri Haimura who has an obsession to cut hair. One day, he meets Iwai, a Hair Queen, who is cursed with long but luscious hair that cannot be cut. Once Kiri cuts Iwai's hair and gets acquainted with her, he finds himself being Iwai's bodyguard in a twisted game where many serial killers want to slaughter Iwai. Can Kiri protect Iwai, his precious queen?

Before I introduce the characters, I'll have to explain some terminology. It's not much. Overall, it's a simple series.

  • Killing Goods are heirloom items that was previously used to kill people. It's passed down from generation to generation.


Kiri Haimura

He looks like a normal student, but he has this obsession to cut hair. He carries his heirloom scissors with him. Unbeknownst to him, his ancestor is a serial killer who killed many people using the same scissors. Now, he uses it to protect Iwai.

Iwai Mushiyanokouji

Iwai is the Hair Queen who is under Sumeragi's care. After meeting Kiri, the two become a inseparable since Kiri has to protect from psychopaths. She nicknames Kiri's weapon as the Severing Crime Edge.

Yamane Byouinzaka

Yamane is Houko's sister whose Killing Goods is a syringe, and she has this obsession to inject things. She calms her urge when she "plays" with Houko.

Houko Byouinzaka

Despite that she abuses Iwai, she does have some heart (or a bit of neglect) in her when she entrusts Kiri, a stranger, to protect Iwai.

Sumeragi Kanae

He's a crazy doctor with a loli fetish and a member of the Gossip organization.

Misumi Kashiko

Misumi is Kiri's classmate who is a model working at her family's hair salon business. She and Kiri share the same obsession with hair to an extent. She remarks that hair can make a woman.

Naruto Koutaro

Naruto is Kiri's classmate who is the ace of the Iai team at school.

Nigi Ubusato

Nigi is Kiri's classmate who loves the occult.

Why Should You Watch It?

It's a funny, romantic series with a weird fetish and some scenes can be misinterpreted as euphemisms. If you are into romance, this show is a must watch. However, if you have trouble with blood or creepy hobbies, this show might turn you off with its violence and crude scenes.

I hope you give this series a try. Don't forget to go the Severing Crime Edge Discussion!

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