Yamada is a anime/manga character in the B-gata H-kei franchise
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A very determined 15 year old girl.

Her Animated incarnation:

Yamada is young, beautiful, intelligent and basically the idol of her school's boy population. But she also happens to be a big pervert and has no problem feeding her own ego. She is actively pursuing the goal of having a 100 !@#$ buddies in highschool. Problem is(to her atleast) shes a virgin. So out of fear she ends up turning down anyone who attempts to ask her out. She chooses to try and find a young virgin boy to further her goal of those 100 intimate relationships. But she is left confused of to who she can actually find that is a virgin, just so happens our lucky man was walking by her while she was trying to grab a book(To highlight sexual words in it) from a high shelf only to pull the book out and fall off the little ladder she was using onto reach the dictionary, right onto Takashi Kosuda 's lap, along with the dictionary hitting him in the face. While dazed with a this beautiful girl on him, she has an inner monologue of how he is such a generic ungood looking guy, who probably was a virgin too. She then immediately introduces herself as Yamada and asks if he is a virgin. Which then our young hero, Takashi, picks the very proper course of action and runs out as fast as he can.

This poses a problem to Yamada that wasn't paying attention to how he looked in the first place, not mention even got his name, so she sits there with her best friend that went with her who didn't get a good look as well, Miharu Takeshita, at school wondering where this perfect candidate to help her reach her goal was. Lucky for Takashi, he just happens to be in her class in the seat right next to her. After telling two school boys they could not take a picture of her, having a fantasy of them using the picture pervertly, Takashi sees she dropped her pink phone and picked it up reached out to give it to her, she yelled at him believing he wanted to take a picture of her until her friend told her it was her phone. After a minute she puts the generic image of a face she remembered of him from the previous day, happily saying "YOUR THE VIRGIN!".

From then on the series continues to follow her laughable schemes to seduce our young Takashi, usually calling her Miharu in a panic, and then discovers her rival, Mayu Miyano, a clumsy larger breasted beauty in glasses who happens to be Takashi's childhood for over 10 years. Mahu Miyano herself her seemingly has a very large crush for Takashi, but seems to shy to act on it, Instead she makes him food and bakes a cake(actually many cakes) for him every Valentine's day, but never has the courage to give it to him personally. Which forces Yamada to take this relationship more seriously, in order to pull off her goal to seduce Takashi, though during the process she seems to have growing personal feelings for him.

Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Yukari Tamura
Brittney Karbowski
General Information Edit
Name: Yamada
Name: 山田
Romanji: Yamada
Gender: Female
1st manga book: B-gata H-kei #1
1st anime episode: B Gata H Kei Yamada’s First Time #1
1st anime movie:
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Attractive Female
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