Yakone is a anime/manga character in the Avatar franchise
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Yakone is a former crime lord and a powerful waterbender in Republic City and father of Amon and Tarrlok.


The trial of Yakone
The trial of Yakone

Yakone was a powerful and intimidating waterbending crime lord in Republic City as he ruled with fear. When Toph Beifong and Avatar Aang arrested Yakone, and in court, they pointed out that Yakone can bloodbend anytime without the use of the full moon. With Sokka delivering the final verdict, Yakone was convicted guilty, but Yakone attacked everyone with his bloodbending. On the run, Yakone got attack by Aang. He crippled Aang with his powerful bending, yet Aang overcame this by going into the Avatar state. Aang removed Yakone's bending for good.

Yakone escaped and fled to the Northern Water Tribes after having surgery to change his face. He met a young woman and had two young boys with her, Tarrlok and Noatak. Years later, Yakone trained the boys at waterbending, and he took them on hunts to hone their bloodbending. He was proud of Noatak who excels at bloodbending while he found Tarrlok weak. At some point, he had his two sons bloodbend each other. After Tarrlok refused to bloodbend his brother, Yakone tried to force him, but Noatak attacked him and stated that his father is weak. Noatak bended his father forcibly and told him that the Avatar's power to remove bending is greater than bloodbending. After Noatak ran away from home, Yakone lost the will to exact vengeance since then.


Yakone is created as a minor character by Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino for the new series in the Avatar franchise: the Legend of Korra. He first appears in Episode 4, The Voice in the Night. He is voiced by Clancy Brown.


He's cold and ruthless man who is bent on crushing the Avatar and getting his hands on Republic City. After his bending is taken away by Aang, he has a family of two boys where he forces them to learn the art of waterbending and bloodbending to facilitate his revenge against the Avatar. When Noatak rebels against Yakone, Yakone loses the will for revenge. Even after death, his intent of revenge passes on to his sons.

Story Arcs

Rise of the Equalists

When Korra intially arrives to Republic City to begin her airbending training, she is urged several times to try to achieve synchronization with her spiritual self and with her past life of Aang. instead, during several moments of being unconscious, Korra has scattered visions as some of them include Yakone who is seen fighting with Aang. Tarrlok also mentions Yakone when the Equalists threaten the city, comparing himself to Aang as Tenzin rebuffs this, pointing out that the two of them are nothing alike.

War of Republic City

After Tarrlok and Korra's fight where he shows her his abilities as a bloodbender, he takes her to a remote location while he works in the city. Korra uses the opportunity to realize the full vision as she sees the memories of Aang who helped Toph capture Yakone and kept an eye over the trial. When Yakone attacks the courtroom and knocks everyone out, Aang proceeds after him as he robs Yakone of his abilities. Korra puts the truth together: that Yakone was the father of Tarrlok. Tarrlok confirms this as his father left the impression of vengeance in his heart, but chose to try and help the city as a politician but fell victim to his evil designs.

Yakone gets plastic surgery to flee the city
Yakone gets plastic surgery to flee the city

As Republic City falls into the hands of Amon, Korra and Mako meet with Tarrlok once more who explains that Amon is actually Noatok, his long lost older brother. He goes on to tell them that Yakone had plastic surgery to avoid prison and raised his family in the North Pole. However, his vengeance was still deep seeded as he vigorously raised his two sons to be demanding and destructive waterbenders and then bloodbenders. When Tarrlok and Noatok are forced to bend one another, Noatok attacks Yakone and leaves the North Pole for good. After that, Yakone lived a quiet life and soon passed on quietly but not before manipulating his sons to take Republic City for their own.

Powers and Abilities

As a waterbender, Yakone has access to the deadliest of all waterbending techniques: bloodbending. He had mastered it so well that he was able to use his powers any time he wanted, something that was unheard of before as Katara established that one could only bloodbend during a full moon. Yakone used this power to control the streets of Republic City but eventually lost it all to Aang during their final confrontation.

Voiced by
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Clancy Brown
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Name: Yakone
Gender: Male
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: The Legend of Korra #4
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Water Control
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