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Yako Takeshita is a anime/manga character
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The oldest tenant that rents a room from Yoshino Murakami, Yako Takeshita tends to get drunk on a frequent basis, especially after getting out of work each night. Taking a interest to the exiled Korou Satou, Yako makes her move and becomes the first female tenant to sleep with him.


Working as a secretary at a important financial firm, the twenty-six year old Yako Takeshita tends to hit the bars each night after she works, getting hammered every time and staggering back home much to the disappointment of her landlord Yoshino Murakami. While getting hammered does not make Yako a danger to anyone, it allows the sluttier side of her personality to come out and take over her actions, as the unsuspecting Korou will soon find out!


Yako Takeshita was originally created by Miyano Kintarou for use within the Ikenai Roomshare manga. It is not known as to what inspired her creation.


Outside of becoming the first female tenant at the house to have sex with Korou and warming up to him sooner than the other females do, Yako does not evolve as a character.

Major Story Arcs

Ikenai Roomshare Volume One

Chapter One

Heavily intoxicated from the many drinks that she had consumed at the local bars, Yako staggers through the door and into the house, much to the irritation of Yoshino and the disgust of Rin Nonaka. Once filled in about the events involving Korou Satou earlier in the day while she was off at work, Yako takes immediate interest in the fact that there is a man around the property, comparing it to having a watchdog for the house. When both Yoshino and Rin head off to do various chores/things around the house, the hammered Yako decides to head outside to personally "meet" with Korou, who finds himself unable to fall asleep due to the extreme cold and the constant shivering that his body is experiencing. The sound of the tent's zipper being unzipped catches his attention, and before he knows it, Yako walks into his tent, introducing herself as Korou takes notice of the strong odor of alcohol that followed her into the tent. After some short conversation, the drunken Yako takes notice of the growing bulge in his pants, which Korou has failed to cover up and hide from her due to the fact that he was too busy staring at her large, ample bust. Amused by his arousal and allowing the alcohol to take control of her thoughts, Yako proceeds to unzip his pants and before Korou knows it, she is toying with his genitals, taking great interest in it's massive size. Standing up, Yako turns her body around and lowers her rear end down so that it comes within inches of his face, slowly pulling up her skirt to reveal her panties to the flabbergasted Korou, who is blown away by what is happening. Telling him that this is a "reward" for chasing away the panty thief who had been stealing their undergarments, Yako positions herself so that he can perform oral stimulation to her vagina while she turns her attention to giving him a sloppy oral session with her mouth.

After several minutes, Yako is overcome with the passion and ecstasy from the stimulation his tongue is giving her, and is unable to wait any longer to have proper sex. Positioning herself over his lower half, Yako slowly lowers herself onto him, effectively taking away his virginity as the dumbfounded Korou loses himself to the heat of the moment, unable to restrain himself as they begin having sex together. For the next few minutes, Korou toys with and sucks on her stiff nipples as Yako loses whatever control of herself that she had and goes into overdrive, moving her hips in such a way that they both race towards their sexual limits. Unable to stop himself from reaching orgasmic climax, Korou reaches his limit and with a mighty thrust that sends waves of pleasure racing through Yako's body, he unleashes his thick seed deep inside of her. Lost in the pleasure that her body is experiencing and succumbing to the tiredness that she had been suffering from earlier, Yako swiftly falls asleep inside of the tent, stealing away his thin blanket to keep warm with as the shell-shocked Korou sits against the far side of the tent, a blank look on his face as he tries to piece together what had just happened. Panicking, Korou is worried that the other two females in the house will discover what had just happened and Yoshino might just go off the deep end with her fury in order to get back at him for doing such a perverted thing to one of the tenants under her roof.

General Information Edit
Name: Yako Takeshita
Gender: Female
1st manga book: Ikenai Roomshare #1
1st anime episode:
1st anime movie:
Aliases Yako
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