Yakitate!! Japan #9 - Yakitate!! Japan

is a manga book published by Shogakukan that was released on 10/18/2003

Plot Summary

Volume Information:

- English: Published by Viz Media on January 8, 2008

- ISBN13: 978-1421514574

Chapter Listing:

70Door of Fate
71Captain Cook
72Conserve Your Electrons
73France's Bob Gets Somewhat Sick In Shaking Ships
74A True Bread Artisan
75Messengers of Justice
76Triangular One
77Push It and Life's...


The first round of the Monaco Cup! The first challenge is to bake a loaf of bread as fast as humanly possible. Azuma opts to use the microwave, but is that a good idea?

After the first round, is obviously, the second round. St. Pierre's owner "arranges" to have the round on a deserted island, and has Pantasia's team placed on the most remote and bare part of the island. They must bake bread utilizing the fruits of the island.


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