Yakitate!! Japan #8 - Yakitate!! Japan

is a manga book published by Shogakukan that was released on 07/18/2003

Plot Summary

Volume Information:

- English: Published by Viz Media on November 13th 2007

- ISBN13: 978-1421509259

Chapter Listing:

60And We Weren't Even Late
61Ingredient Roulette
62World Class
63Lost Item
64Ingredient Slots
65Suwabara's Bread
66A Crushed Apple Ruins The Whole...!?
67Pierrot Talk
68Common Names Have a Stamp Seal
69Kinoshita And The Circus


It's the exhibition for the Monaco Cup! Azuma and his team are preparing by studying abroad, and other countries are training their representatives just as hard. They must submit an original bread for the exhibition. If they pass the exhibition, they get to move onto the first preliminaries, where their ingredients will be allotted by roulette!


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