Yakitate!! Japan Characters

Yakitate!! Japan is a franchise comprised of 1 anime series, 1 manga series
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Kai Suwabara

Kazuma Azuma

Azuma is an aspiring young baker who aims to make the world's greatest Ja-pan!

Ken Matsushiro

Manager & baker of Pantasia's South Branch. Is an expert in French-bread and martial arts. Eventually becomes gang/yakuza leader. Is a giant, and sports an afro and sunglasses (no matter what time of day it is, indoors or outdoors), and is proud of it.

Kyousuke Kawachi

The "useless", untalented baker-sidekick.

Pierrot Bonnaz

Ryo Kuroyanagi

Shigeru Kanmuri

Tsukino Azusagawa

Yukino Azusagawa

Yuuichi Kirisaki

A hardworking baker, who turned evil because of his (accidentally) evil bread, Gopan. Owner of St. Pierre, rival bakery franchise to Pantasia.

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