Yajirobe is a anime/manga character in the Dragon Ball franchise
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Yajirobe is an overweight and rude samurai.

Yajirobe is an overweight samurai that meets Goku during the time Goku was young. He is a timid, unmannered, rude, lazy and cowardly, he helped prepare Goku to fight Piccolo back when he was evil and supports Goku and his comrades though he does this mostly in pure support and hardly participates in the battles and adventures Goku and his friends endure. He along with the rest of the Z Fighters train under Kami to prepare themselves against the threat of the Saiyans and he has a big part in the victory against Vegeta as he uses his sword to cut off Vegeta's tail reverting Vegeta from an Oozaru into his normal form. Yajirobe was a wanderer that used to live off the land and upon meeting Korin and later discovering the Senzu Beans that heal wounds, provide the nutrients of ten days worth of meals and restores energy he decides to live with Korin in the lookout and grows beans with him and often provides them for Goku and his companions. Yajirobe is not a very polite or likable person however he is good friends with Korin and Goku and is an aquantence with the rest of the Z Fighters.

Powers & Abilites

Yajirobe does not have any abilities however he trained under Kami and is a samurai and he has knowledge, skill and experience in martial arts and he is slightly stronger than a normal human however this is because of his training as a samurai and under Kami also because he is overweight. Yajirobe is extremely skilled and is a master swordsman as he is very skilled in using his sword. 
Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Mayumi Tanaka
Masato Hirano
Mike McFarland
Brian Drummond
General Information Edit
Name: Yajirobe
Name: ヤジロベ
Romanji: Yajirobē
Gender: Male
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Dragon Ball #105
1st anime movie: Dragon Ball Z: Lord Slug
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