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The only non lethal weapon in the Gantz weaponry.


The Y-Gun functions much like the X-Gun in its locking on capabilities are the same as its predecessor but the main and most effective difference from the X-Gun is that it is not lethal in anyway. Rather once a person locks onto a target an fires the weapon the gun fires three laser anchors which wrap around a target an immobilize it by anchoring the lasers to the ground further immobilizing the target . No matter the targets strength the anchor keep it immobilized until the target "Sends" the target away. By Sending the target away you simply press the second trigger and it sends the now anchored down target, the transfer is similar to the way the players are transferred from the real world into Gantz. The gun derives its name from its Y shaped barrel.


The Y-Gun is a extremely effective weapon when a user cannot or does not want to destroy a target. When a target is too strong or powerful this gun is used for those reasons, it hasnt been used that much in either form (Manga/Anime) but its effectiveness is show.  The greatest asset is that no matter what the target does it will be sent, an example is during the temple mission the Kato used the Y-Gun to trap the final Alien Boss and the boss ejected himself from the body creating a new one. But still once the transfer started both bodies were taken.


The one and main weakness of the Y-Gun is the lag time. The time it takes for the transfer to complete is excruciatingly long, if the target has a body part able to harm the user while being restrained it can still attack while the transfer is taking place. OR If the user is in a state of almost death, they will most likly die before the transfer is complete.

This was shown in the Temple mission where Kato could have won if the transfer had been a few seconds faster, leaving Kurono the only survivor of the mission.
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