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Constantly hounded by spirits, Kimihiro Watanuki meets Yuuko Ichihara and he becomes her indentured servant to grant his wish to stop seeing them. He learns many new supernatural things in the world as more customers visit Yuuko's Shop.


Kimihiro Watanuki is constantly plagued by spirits and only wish to be rid of them. Yuko Ichihara is a mysterious shop keeper that can grant that wish. However, in order for that wish to come true, Watanuki must pay the price that is of equal value to his wish. Now, Watanuki is a part-time employee in this mysterious shop that grants people their wishes in times of need. That is, only if they can pay the price...
xxxHolic is written and illustrated by the CLAMP group.
xxxHolic first made its appearance in February 2003 in Kodansha's Young Magazine and was serialized until June 2010, when it made its transition to Bessatsu Shonen Magazine and is ongoing today.  According to Wikipedia, the idea for xxxHolic appeared when CLAMP wanted to create a series that would help tie up all the other series that they've made.


  • Kodansha (Japan)
  • Del Rey (North America)
  • Tanoshimi (UK)
  • Pika Edition (France)
  • Norma Editorial (Span)
  • Grupo Editorial Vid (Mexico)
  • Star Comics (Italy)
  • Egmont (Germany)
  • JBC (Brazil)
  • Bonnier Carlsen (Sweden)

Publication History

In Japan, xxxHolic has run every month in Young Magazine until the switch to Bessatsu Shonen Magazine, which necessitated a hiatus from the group, from March 2010 to June 2010. After the hiatus, which coincided with several drastic in story changes, the series was retitled xxxHolic Ro  (×××HOLiC・籠 , lit. "xxxHolic Cage).  The first chapter was released in 2003, with the first volume being released on July 25, 2003. The series ended its run on February 9, 2011, at 213 chapters, with the 20th volume to come out in the near future. It is published under Kodansha's KC Deluxe Label.
A crossover chapter with Tsubasa was printed in Bessatsu Shonen Magazine in June 2010.
In North America, xxxHolic is published by Del Rey in coordination with Kodansha, and was one of their first four licensed manga, alongside Mobile Suit Gundam SEED, Negima! Magister Negi Magi, and Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles The first English-language volume was released on April 27, 2004, with 16 volumes currently released, and the 17th volume being released on September 3, 2011.


Certain jokes, puns, and plot devices had to be reworked from the original Japanese.


Kimihiro Watanuki
A high-school student living on his own, who was born with the ability to see spirits. He works under Yuko in the hopes that she will lift his vision and the attraction spirits have to his blood. Watanuki is a very dedicated and talented young man, considering his ability as a chef and general worker.
Yuko Ichihara
The owner of the wish-granting shop. Yuko likes to have fun and go off on a tangent, enjoying food, alcohol, and other vices, but can be deathly serious when she wants to be. She believes in the concept of hitsuzen, actions and meetings that are unavoidable.
Shizuka Doumeki
Watanuki's classmate and "rival" for Himawari's affections. He is a stoic and serious student with a talent for archery, descended from a temple priest. On occasion he assists Watanuki with various tasks.
Himawari Kunogi

Watanuki's crush. She is a sweet and kind girl, but when people get too close to her bad things start happening to them...
Book # Name Rating Release Date
Volume 19
Feb. 21, 2012
Volume 18
Dec. 13, 2011
Volume 17
Sept. 13, 2011
Volume 16
Oct. 26, 2010
Volume 15
March 23, 2010
Volume 14
Oct. 27, 2009
Volume 13
March 24, 2009
Volume 12
June 24, 2008
Volume 11
March 4, 2008
Volume 10
Sept. 25, 2007
Volume 9
July 17, 2007
Volume 8
Dec. 12, 2006
Volume 7
May 30, 2006
Volume 6
Oct. 25, 2005
Volume 5
May 31, 2005
Volume 4
Jan. 25, 2005
Volume 3
Oct. 12, 2004
Volume 2
June 29, 2004
Volume 1
April 27, 2004
General Information Edit
English Name xxxHOLiC
Japanese Name: ×××ホリック
Romaji: Horikku
Publisher Del Rey Manga
Start Year 2003
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