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xxxHOLiC: Shunmuki is an anime series in the xxxHOLiC franchise
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Ame Warashi

Ame Warashi is a water sprite seen in XXXHolic. She dislikes humans with some exceptions. She is highly opinionated and can be very rude. She is often seen reluctantly chaperoning Zashiiki Warashi when the latter wishes to visit the human world.

Haruka Doumeki

Shizuka Doumeki's grandfather. He was the Shinto priest at the shrine where Shizuka lives. He appears in Watanuki's dreams.

Himawari Kunogi

A beautiful high school student with a terrible curse: she causes bad luck to anyone who gets close to her.

Kimihiro Watanuki

A young man troubled by a constant following of spirits and monsters.

Kohane Tsuyuri

A young girl who could see ghosts. Her mother used her ability to make money but never showed affection towards her daughter. Soon Watanuki met her and began opening her heart.

Mokona Modoki

Mokona is a black, rabbit-like creature that has a twin with the same name. He stays in Yuuko's shop to keep in contact and teleport things to the white Mokona while he is traveling between worlds.

Princess Sakura

Sakura is princess of the Clow Kingdom in the anime Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles. She is the childhood friend and love interest of Syaoron. She, alongside Syaoran, seeks her feathers which are actually her memories.

Shizuka Doumeki

A calm and collected young man with the innate ability to repel spirits.


Syaoran is the main protagonist in Tsubasa Chronicles. He is noted for bravery and devotion to Princess Sakura--his childhood friend. He is on a quest to collect all the princess's feathers which will restore her memories.

Syaoran Li

The eventual protagonist of Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle who was originally thought to be Syaoran's evil clone but turns out to be the original. Due to a temporal paradox, he was born the son of his and Sakura's clones, who had both been reincarnated in the xxxHOLiC Universe.

Yuuko Ichihara

A witch of many names and many mysteries.


Zashiki-Warashi is a vestal sprite. She is very shy, sensitive, and prone to fits of crying. She has a large crush on Watanuki.

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